NAACP Leader Defends Dallas Shooter

David Cole Will “Get Killed Soon Enough,” Says “Christian” Conservative

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Prominent Academic: “Absolutely no problem at all” saying “Auschwitz was not a death camp”

Editor of Top Conservative Site Praises Holocaust Revisionist!

Model Statute: “Freedman’s Law”

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Larry Elder: An Elegy

Progress Report on My Book (and LOTS of Pictures!)


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As the Republican Party Animal Says Goodbye, a Final Post: A Cat Tale that Deserves to Be Told

“Occupy L.A.” Protesters Inadvertently Endorse a Republican Candidate

Larry Elder Raves About the RPA!

The OTHER “Niggerhead Rock:” Named by Democrats, Erased by Republicans

Prof. Applauds “Reckless” Child Endangerment at Wall Street Protest

Rick Perry and the “Pro-Sharia Curriculum:” Pamela Geller is Wrong

More nonsense about the Rick Perry “pro-Sharia” curriculum. This meme just won’t die.