Obama’s Latino Outreach PSA: “Hispanics, Cutlery, and You”

Bill Clinton Supports Walker Recall by Praising GOP Mayor Who’s Also Battling Unions (WTF?)

Memo from the campaign staff of beleaguered Wisconsin Democrat Tom Barrett: “Bill, please stop helping.” This past weekend, former President Bill Clinton was in Milwaukee to help Barrett in the closely-watched recall election against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Repeatedly, Clinton bashed Walker for trying to “break” public employee unions. And then he decided to give […]

Tom Barrett Slams GOP on Women, Then Shares Stage with Misogynist “Gangsta Rapper”

Ah, the Democrats and their “war on women.” At a May 19th rally for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who is running against Scott Walker in the closely-watched Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election, the “entertainment” consisted of a self-proclaimed “gangsta rapper” who performed demeaning, sexist raps about “bitches and hoes.” Gotta love those progressive Dems! The delicious […]

CAIR’s “Interfaith” Con Game Exposed (video)

“Okey-Doke” (American slang) – A con; to pretend to go along with something until you are in a position where you can get your way. I have written before that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the undisputed king of the ol’ okey-doke. When it comes to wearing one expression on its public face, […]

New Viral Video: Elizabeth Warren in “I’m an Indian Too!”

Funny! 21-Year-Old Wisconsin Recall Activist is Angry She Can’t Retire…at 21!

Obama “Dogeater” Video Goes Super-Viral!

Bahraini Video Teaches French Muslims How to Cheat the Burqa Ban

Using “wacky” sound effects and French accordion background music to simulate Paris in an obviously Bahraini landscape, a 2-minute video “PSA” from a Bahrain-based production company instructs French Muslim women in a novel way to legally evade the French government’s ban on face-covering Islamic headware. Although the video was created last year, it has recently […]

FLASHBACK: Breitbart, the Media, and “Punking” the NAACP (video)

Official Democratic Party Organization Endorses Anti-Semitic Event

As my regular readers (a.k.a. my parents and my girlfriend) might have noticed, this site was hacked earlier this week, by assailants looking to make a statement. And apparently that statement was, “dude, your site is so poorly protected, even dimwits like us can hack it.” Message received. Security has been beefed up, steps have […]

It’s Morning-After in America

Liam Neeson’s Impending Conversion to Islam Prompts “Schindler’s List” Re-Cut (video)

(AP) – Liam Neeson’s recent announcement that he is considering converting to Islam has apparently prompted the actor to spend a day in the editing room, crafting a new, alternate ending to his Oscar-winning film “Schindler’s List.” “I was speaking with a local Imam,” Neeson told the AP, “and he said that my films have […]

Ronald Reagan Schools Obama on Egypt and Iran…31 Years Ago

  I edited this a year ago, but now that the Islamists are officially in control in Egypt, I thought I’d post it again. The distinction between these two presidents could not be more pronounced, and the dangers posed by our current president’s foreign policy could not be more self-evident. Reagan: “Preserving the peace requires […]

Ron Paul Supporters Spray Vinegar at the Sky to Fight “Chemtrails”…I’m Not Kidding

This is a story I couldn’t resist writing. Ron Paul supporters are spraying vinegar at the sky to “kill” clouds. They’re standing in their backyards, on their porches, and in front of their windows, angrily aiming spray bottles filled with vinegar into the air. How could I not write about this? If I live to […]

“Occupy” Loons Swarm San Diego Lowe’s to Protest “All American Muslim” Ad Decision

A motley crew of “Occupy San Diego” protestors swarmed a Mission Valley Lowe’s this weekend to protest the home improvement chain’s decision to pull its ads from the controversial new TLC show, “All American Muslim.” A scruffy looking “chanter in chief,” continuously shifting his weight back-and-forth in a manner that suggests severe bladder issues, led the […]

Maxine Waters’ Goons Rough Up Progressive Filmmaker for Recording Her on a Public Street (video)

Poor Edward Lyman. The self-described “socially responsible” filmmaker, who has directed documentaries about the fight against malaria in Africa, and the environmental activism of uber-liberal actor Ed Begley Jr., was only trying to do some good in Watts this past Saturday afternoon. Lyman was at the Imperial Courts public housing project working on behalf of […]

Drunk Kermit the Frog Slams Muppet Movie Anti-Oil Bias: “Muppets Are MADE of Petroleum!” (video)

Disney lawyers pulled this video within an hour of Kermit posting it, but TMZ obtained a copy. An obviously distraught (and intoxicated) Kermit the Frog slams the anti-oil bias in his latest film. Transcript below the video. . Kermit the frog here. I’m sorry if I sound a little tired…been up for 30 hours doing […]

Occupy Wall Street Finds Its Defining Orator (video)

Incoherent hippie chicks…providing unintentional humor for over forty years.    

OWS Spokesman: Protesters Should Follow the Example of the Iranian Hostage Takers

As OWS protesters around the country are served their eviction papers, many Americans are wondering what comes next in the OWS war against those who dare to bathe, pay taxes, and work for a living. Well, according to Occupy Vancouver spokesman (and virulent anti-Semite) Joshua Blakeney, the next step is to emulate the Iranian students […]

As OWS Protesters Are Dispersed, We Demolish a Leftist Lie: “The Cops Wouldn’t Hassle Us If We Were Conservative”

I rarely lose my temper with dolts who send me angry emails or leave grammatically-deficient comments on my stories or videos. I either ignore that kind of stuff, or use it as fodder for jokes. But I did lose my temper recently with a liberal blogger who sent me an email in which he castigated […]