How Jessica Biel’s Ass Stole Christmas (a true story)

Ah, Christmas…what wonders it brings to mind. Happy children, Santa Claus, trees strung with lights, and Jessica Biel’s ass. The latter might be unique to me. Yet I shall forever associate the Yuletide season with the rump of a very young Ms. Biel. The year was 1998, and my girlfriend Sarah May – oh, Sarah, […]

Team Obama Prepares for Convention by Posting Photo of Obama Staring at Dog’s Ass

I’m beginning to think the Obama campaign is losing it. I mean, I really think they’re losing their collective (and collectivist) minds.  What I can’t quite figure out, though, is, are they so resigned to defeat that they just don’t give a damn anymore, or are they so out-of-touch with reality that they think they […]