My Letter to Yahoo News

Dear Yahoo News, I’m writing to you regarding your August 8th article, “Veepstakes: The political striptease of choosing a candidate,” in which you criticize Mitt Romney for “milking” the vice-president decision like “a striptease.” I did mention that your story ran on August 8th, right? Because, in 2008, Barack Obama didn’t announce his VP choice […]

Network News: “Pink Slime” More Important Than Murdered Jews

Ever wonder if you possess the savvy to be a producer for a nightly news program on one of the “big three” networks? Well, wonder no more; this simple quiz will let you know if you have the right stuff. Which of the following do you think should have been the lead story on the […]

The L.A. Times, Leon Klinghoffer, and the “Lunatic Lobby”

For twenty years, the L.A. Times has been tirelessly championing the controversial opera, “The Death of Klinghoffer.” It’s news to no one why the opera, based on the hijacking of the cruise ship Achille Lauro in 1985, is controversial. By the admission of its creators, the opera seeks to humanize the Palestinian terrorists who hijacked […]

Drunk Kermit the Frog Slams Muppet Movie Anti-Oil Bias: “Muppets Are MADE of Petroleum!” (video)

Disney lawyers pulled this video within an hour of Kermit posting it, but TMZ obtained a copy. An obviously distraught (and intoxicated) Kermit the Frog slams the anti-oil bias in his latest film. Transcript below the video. . Kermit the frog here. I’m sorry if I sound a little tired…been up for 30 hours doing […]

DOJ, DHS Film Instructs Law Enforcement to Obey Sharia Gender Discrimination

Rashid Khalidi’s Interesting Observation About His Old Friend Obama

The L.A. Times Redefines “Balance” to Mean “No Conservatives”

The Los Angeles Times and the Jews – A Few Choice Examples

CNN Unfavorably Compares Reading of the Constitution to a Cat Litter Commercial

Eve of the SOTU: The AP’s Rather Curious Definition of “Fair and Balanced”