Reuters Caught in Race-Baiting Lie

Reuters, the international news agency perhaps best-known for its official “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” editorial policy, and its unofficial editorial policy of using doctored images to slam Israel, demonstrated this week why it should never be confused with a journalistically-credible entity. On July 3rd, Reuters journalist Thomas Brown penned a standard […]

Trayvon Martin, Bob Dylan, and Racial Harassment: Opposing the Demagogues

Trying to write a column about race and crime is somewhat like trying to walk gingerly through a minefield. Trying to write a column about race and crime when you’re white is rather akin to running through a minefield with heavy snowboots on. And trying to write a column about race and crime when you’re […]

Taxpayers Pay to Honor Advocate of Cop-Killing, Anti-Semitism, and Jihad

Your tax dollars at work, as a prominent state university dedicates a special exhibit honoring a relatively obscure black radical who advocates cop-killing, Islamic jihad, anti-Jewish and anti-Asian racism, and the defeat of the U.S. in Afghanistan. And the best part? The exhibit is located right alongside exhibits that honor George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and […]

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Racial Lie, with a Conservative Assist

Hollywood liberals are always going to fib. There’s really nothing conservatives can do to stop it. But what is within our power is the ability to create an environment in which liberal lies become harder and harder to get away with. The “global warming” issue is a perfect example. Conservatives have done a pretty good […]

Organizer of the “One Nation” Rally Has History of Making Controversial Statements