NY Dem Strongarms Credit Cards to Ban “Racist Speech”

Victorious Democrat: Our Party is Not About the “Individual”

* Lost in all the bigger election-week news was the story of a 21-year-old leftist who won a race for state representative in Maine. Justin Chenette is now the youngest person in the Maine legislature. He’s also the youngest openly gay legislator in the nation (here I’ll add the obligatory “not that there’s anything wrong […]

Julianne Moore Gets $127,000 of Her Wealth Redistributed

* (AP) – In the feel-good celebrity story of the week, noted liberal activist and Democrat booster Julianne Moore had $127,000 worth of jewelry redistributed to the less fortunate, as construction work was being done on her pricey West Village brownstone in New York. It is widely believed that the wealth was redistributed by, and […]

The “Romney-fication” of the Tea Party

(From AriDavid.us, reposted with permission) Movements and elections are based upon, and happen because of, ideas – not because of compromises. In 2009, the greatest, most effective, most civil and kindest protest movement in the history of the world was born. It was called the Tea Party. It sprung up in response to two political […]

Need a Lawyer? Don’t Hire Sandra Fluke

(From FiniGoodman.com, reposted with permission) I know you have heard of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law School student who recently testified to members of congress about the subject of birth control. She has been a prominent media fixture this week as a figure of public mockery and an example of the “sexism” of the Republican party. […]

It’s Morning-After in America

Maxine Waters’ Goons Rough Up Progressive Filmmaker for Recording Her on a Public Street (video)

Poor Edward Lyman. The self-described “socially responsible” filmmaker, who has directed documentaries about the fight against malaria in Africa, and the environmental activism of uber-liberal actor Ed Begley Jr., was only trying to do some good in Watts this past Saturday afternoon. Lyman was at the Imperial Courts public housing project working on behalf of […]

Morgan Freeman Doesn’t Want to Get Rid of Racism (Video)

Left-wing mom uses kid as “ventriloquist dummy” to heckle Rick Perry (video)