MUST WATCH: NY Dem Votes for Gun Ban While Admitting Conservatives Are Right

* Well, this is odd. New York State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr., while announcing that he had every intention of voting for S.2230, the draconian anti-gun “Democratic bill,” chided his fellow Democrats with a simple admonition: “It will not make a difference in the committing of crimes.” “I assure you, nothing’s gonna change. We have […]

Oakland Occupiers Hold “F*ck the 4th” Day, Burn American Flags (video)

How do those wacky “Occupiers” celebrate July 4th? By burning American flags, of course! Yes, those fighters for “social justice,” who’ve been praised by Democrat politicians, Hollywood stars, and liberal “news” personalities, held a “F*ck the Fourth” rally in Oakland on Wednesday. Along with burning flags, they hurled death threats at police (“die pigs!”), and […]

Obama Too Broke to Buy Dinner Guests Booze? GOP Group Steps In!

Apparently, those “win a dinner with Obama” contests are taking a toll on Team Obama’s finances. The “donate $3 for a chance to get a seat at the table with President Obama and (fill in the name of annoying celebrity)” offers just aren’t paying off. On Monday, Obama for America Chief Operating Officer Ann Marie […]

Tom Barrett Slams GOP on Women, Then Shares Stage with Misogynist “Gangsta Rapper”

Ah, the Democrats and their “war on women.” At a May 19th rally for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who is running against Scott Walker in the closely-watched Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election, the “entertainment” consisted of a self-proclaimed “gangsta rapper” who performed demeaning, sexist raps about “bitches and hoes.” Gotta love those progressive Dems! The delicious […]

How Racist Democrats’ Defiance of the Supreme Court Accidentally Helped End Lynching

Well, I’m back after a month-long blogging vacation – a forced vacation, courtesy of the scoundrels who hacked this site last month. Almost certainly the result of (un)friendly fire, I’ll have more to write about that later. In the meantime, I wanted to write a bit about my favorite subject – history – and a […]

Maxine Waters “Guarantees” the U.S. Will Not Support Israel Militarily Against Iran

It’s a guarantee that I’m sure the Iranian government is taking great pleasure in hearing. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, chief deputy whip of the Congressional Democrats and co-founder of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, has “guaranteed” that the U.S. will not support Israel militarily should fighting break out with Iran. This is not the first time that […]

“Free Contraception:” The Left Once Again Ignores the Law of Unintended Consequences

Democrats love to promise people things and blame Republicans for that thing not being available. The latest thing being promised is contraception. A question the contraception-promising Democrats should ask themselves before they legislate free contraceptives for all is: if contraceptives are free and those who produce them have to do so for no cost and […]

The OTHER “Niggerhead Rock:” Named by Democrats, Erased by Republicans

Government Thugs Gun Down Animals at Rehabilitation Farm (Video)

HuffPost Satire Backfires; Exposes Gullibility of Arianna’s Readers