EXCLUSIVE! The Dept. of Defense to Women: Use “Humor” and “Dialogue” to Stop a Rape

On Gun Violence, Dustin Hoffman is an Excellent Hypocrite

* If Hollywood turned out as many good movies as it does lousy hypocrites, I’d actually spend a few bucks to go to a theater every now and then. But no, most movies fail at being good, and most actors fail at having any integrity (with some notable exceptions). “Rain Man” Dustin Hoffman surely lacks […]

MUST WATCH: NY Dem Votes for Gun Ban While Admitting Conservatives Are Right

* Well, this is odd. New York State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr., while announcing that he had every intention of voting for S.2230, the draconian anti-gun “Democratic bill,” chided his fellow Democrats with a simple admonition: “It will not make a difference in the committing of crimes.” “I assure you, nothing’s gonna change. We have […]

When Lack of Bullets Might Have Prolonged a Massacre

Obama and the Democrats believe they can dictate to Americans just how many bullets are “enough” (just like they tell us how much soda is enough, how much candy is enough, how much salt is enough, etc., etc., etc.). Central to the Obama/Dem argument is that nobody “needs” high-capacity magazines for self defense. In response, […]

Top Ten Reasons to Stop Using the Holocaust in Anti Gun Control Memes

* The Top Ten Reasons to Stop Using the Holocaust in Anti Gun Control Memes: 1)  It’s not relevant. The Jews of Germany represented less than 1% of the pre-war German population (less than 500,000 people in a nation of 67 million). Even if every single Jew had a rifle, the Nazis had A F*CKING […]

How We’re Going to F**k Up the Gun Control Debate

* Last week, as I was reading my friend Kurt Schlichter’s piece on Townhall.com, I realized that there are two emerging views among conservatives regarding what 2013 will bring in terms of new gun legislation. On one side, there are the doomsayers who are predicting “Disarmageddon,” and on the other, there are those who say […]

What to Do in the Wake of Sandy Hook? Nothing.

* Tragedy. We look for meaning, we search for answers. We try to make sense of grief. When Sandy Hook’s tragic events unfolded we were shocked. The normal was so shattered that no amount of reflection could answer the overwhelming questions created by our dull grief and hollow sorrow. We felt ineffable things that thwarted […]

“Little People” Protest Peter Dinklage’s Anti-Gun PSA

(AP) – “I used to get tossed all the time,” Jerry Bunden says as he stares pensively out the window of his apartment. “I never felt safe. Weekends were the worst. Late at night, people get drunk, they want to toss a dwarf. It got to the point that I’d never go out on a […]

Four Types of Fraudulent Gun Rights Memes, and How to Prevent Them

* Type #1: The horribly misused Holocaust or WWII photo. * * How to know it’s phony: GET OFF FACEBOOK AND READ A FUCKING BOOK. And if books aren’t your thing, go to YadVashem.org or USHMM.org. * Type #2: The phony celebrity quote. * * How to know it’s phony? By virtue of their egos, […]

Beyoncé Gun Control PSA: Remember “Thug Love?”

* In a new star-studded anti-gun PSA, singer Beyoncé Knowles demands a “plan” to deal with youth gun violence. Okay, Beyoncé, here’s a plan – don’t be a beautiful and popular singer who tells her young fans that they have to be “thugs” in order to earn her affection. Boom!  Now THAT’S a plan! Oops…too […]

Bob Costas Calls for Ban on Acquaintances

(AP) – Following widespread reports that the gunman in the Oregon mall shooting used a rifle that authorities claim was “stolen from an acquaintance,” sportscaster Bob Costas has publicly called for a ban on acquaintances. “If the killer had not had any acquaintances, his victims would still be alive,” Costas told reporters at a Los […]