“Occupy Melbourne” Thugs Rough Up Elderly Jewish Man; Chant “Long Live Intifada!” (video)

Honesty goes a long way in my book. The only thing worse than anti-Jewish leftists are anti-Jewish leftists who refuse to admit that they’re anti-Jewish. So props to the hate-filled thugs behind “Occupy Melbourne” for not trying to hide the fact that hating Israeli Jews is a major factor in their “protest.” While U.S. “Occupy” […]

Exclusive Recordings of Conference That Crafted Anti-Free Speech Laws

Twenty-three years ago, a three-day conference was held at Hofstra University (New York’s largest private college). It was an international gathering of legal scholars, and they had gathered for one purpose – to determine the most effective method to criminalize speech that is considered “offensive” to minority ethnic, racial, and religious groups. Scholars from Europe, […]

Architect of “Hate Speech” Laws Disbarred for Misconduct

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