Teachers Union Endorses L.A. Candidate Affiliated with Racist, Extremist Group

Reuters Caught in Race-Baiting Lie

Reuters, the international news agency perhaps best-known for its official “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” editorial policy, and its unofficial editorial policy of using doctored images to slam Israel, demonstrated this week why it should never be confused with a journalistically-credible entity. On July 3rd, Reuters journalist Thomas Brown penned a standard […]

Multiculturalism’s Big Lie

If you hear the promoters of liberal multiculturalism in the Los Angeles area talk, they promote two ideas that seem contradictory at their very core. These two ideas are communism, and getting Hispanics to retain their “native” Spanish language. In the multi-culturalist’s mind, the rationale in support of these two qualities is that capitalism and […]