Suspended Anti-Obama Football Coach Gives Very “PC” Pre-Game Speech (audio)

* (AP) – In a story that has gone viral over the Internet, Lauderdale High School head coach Bob Grisham was suspended after one of his players surreptitiously taped a locker-room rant in which the Alabama coach ripped Michelle Obama and the Obama Administration, and made some very politically incorrect remarks about gays. Here’s a […]

TLC Cancels “All American Muslim.” In Unrelated News, TLC Execs Go Into Hiding

(AP) – It was a noble idea that just couldn’t find an audience. After only one season, TLC has canceled its landmark but ratings-challenged series “All American Muslim,” a show that was launched to counter the images, so prevalent in right-wing circles, of Muslims as bomb-happy, intolerant, violence-prone extremists. “We are proud of the show, […]