Chemtrailers Salute Ron Paul

Nashua, New Hampshire (AP) – As weary politicos awoke to a crisp New Hampshire morning, their eyes red from either a full night of partying or weeping, depending on the previous night’s outcome for their candidate, anyone who looked skyward would have seen an unexpected sight: a congratulatory message to Ron Paul for his second-place […]

Fired LAUSD Teacher’s New Youtube Channel: The Jews “Should Be Shot!”

If you’re like me, for the past seven days you’ve been obsessed with one pressing concern – will anti-Semitic LAUSD part-time teacher and Occupy L.A. protester Patricia McAllister recover after being fired by her school district for advocating the expulsion from America of all “Zionist Jews.” Well, folks, we can all breathe a collective sigh […]

Rick Perry, Aga Khan, and the “Sharia Curriculum:” Answering Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer calls out David Stein. Stein calls back.

Public School Course Makes Kids Blame the Holocaust on “God or the Jews”

Public School Teacher: “Blame the Holocaust on God or the Victims”

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