Olympic “Legend” Campaigns for Teachers Union-Backed Racist Candidate

As my regular readers (both of ’em) know, I’ve been following this story since breaking it on February 4th. The United Teachers L.A. (UTLA), an NEA/AFT-affiliated union covering the nation’s second-largest school district, has officially endorsed a candidate for L.A. City Council, Ron Gochez, who is an activist and spokesman for an unashamedly racist organization […]

Teachers Union Endorses L.A. Candidate Affiliated with Racist, Extremist Group

Occupy Wall Street Finds Its Defining Orator (video)

Incoherent hippie chicks…providing unintentional humor for over forty years.    

As Occupy Wall Street Enters Second Month, Parents Rejoice

By Rachel Kurzynski-Guzman (AP) – Joanne Kessler happily glides through the suburban home that she and her husband Edward share in Rockland County, New York. “Ed and I haven’t had this much alone time in over a decade,” she says, referring to the conspicuous absence of their unemployed thirty-one-year-old son Nick, who, over a month […]