Hollywood Lib Group Uses S&M Stripper to Blast GOP for “Misogyny”

Dementia frequently precedes death. And in the days before the November 6th election, the left has gone from typical lunacy to full-blown dementia. Take the organization “A is For…”, a feminist “reproductive rights” organization run by musician/writer Maureen Herman, actress Martha Plimpton, and the always-grating Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show. “A is For…” […]

EXCLUSIVE: Van Der Sloot’s “Guardian Angel” is Leftist Author, Activist

UPDATE: In an exclusive telephone interview with David Stein, van der Sloot’s “guardian angel,” Dr. Mary Hamer, confirmed that in the tidal wave of media coverage following the revelation that she is van der Sloot’s benefactor, Stein was the only journalist to cover her history of left-wing political activism. She told Stein that, starting in […]

Video – Happy Tax Day! (David Cross Wants YOU to Support His Sister)