NBC Affiliate Contradicts MSNBC’s O’Donnell on Horse Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Dante popularized the concept of concentric circles of hell. And while I’m no Dante, I’d nevertheless like to introduce my own variation, the “concentric circles of asshattery.” The outer circle is inhabited by leftists. That leftists are asshats is my opinion, to be sure. But, as someone with many old-school Depression-era Brooklyn leftists in my […]

“It Gets Mitter,” Dedicated to Combating Obama’s Bullying, is Online!

The It Gets Mitter Project: End Presidential Bullying

Obama “Dogeater” Video Goes Super-Viral!

The “Romney-fication” of the Tea Party

(From AriDavid.us, reposted with permission) Movements and elections are based upon, and happen because of, ideas – not because of compromises. In 2009, the greatest, most effective, most civil and kindest protest movement in the history of the world was born. It was called the Tea Party. It sprung up in response to two political […]

What If Obama’s Speeches Were Covered the Way the MSM Covered Romney’s “Fire People” Remark?

Just when I think the mainstream media can’t sink any lower… The MSM has absolutely outdone itself with its coverage of a remark that Mitt Romney made in New Hampshire yesterday. Most of my readers are probably familiar with this story, but, as a formality, here’s what Romney said: “I want individuals to have their […]