NAACP Quietly Brings Back “Obama is a N****r” Official; Partners Him with AARP and AFL-CIO

EXCLUSIVE! The Dept. of Defense to Women: Use “Humor” and “Dialogue” to Stop a Rape

Dept. of Interior Loon: “Policy Intervention” Needed to Save Mice from Cats (this is NOT satire)

Yesterday, I wrote a satirical post about “Anthropogenicists,” the pseudo-scientists who believe that humans are the cause of all earthly problems, from weather and climate anomalies to earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and species extinction. To an Anthropogenicist, humans are the sole root of all evil. Because nothing bad – no earthquakes, no floods, no […]

“Obama Purging Military Leaders Who Won’t Fire on U.S. Citizens?” Conservative Rumor Control

“I believe virtually everything I read, and I think that is what makes me more of a selective human than someone who doesn’t believe anything.” David St. Hubbins, and a frighteningly increasing number of conservatives * Hidely-ho, conservarinos! It’s your long-suffering pal, Conservative Rumor Control (CRC), fighting a losing battle against false memes and idiotic […]

When Lack of Bullets Might Have Prolonged a Massacre

Obama and the Democrats believe they can dictate to Americans just how many bullets are “enough” (just like they tell us how much soda is enough, how much candy is enough, how much salt is enough, etc., etc., etc.). Central to the Obama/Dem argument is that nobody “needs” high-capacity magazines for self defense. In response, […]

Four Types of Fraudulent Gun Rights Memes, and How to Prevent Them

* Type #1: The horribly misused Holocaust or WWII photo. * * How to know it’s phony: GET OFF FACEBOOK AND READ A FUCKING BOOK. And if books aren’t your thing, go to or * Type #2: The phony celebrity quote. * * How to know it’s phony? By virtue of their egos, […]

Victorious Democrat: Our Party is Not About the “Individual”

* Lost in all the bigger election-week news was the story of a 21-year-old leftist who won a race for state representative in Maine. Justin Chenette is now the youngest person in the Maine legislature. He’s also the youngest openly gay legislator in the nation (here I’ll add the obligatory “not that there’s anything wrong […]

Hollywood Lib Group Uses S&M Stripper to Blast GOP for “Misogyny”

Dementia frequently precedes death. And in the days before the November 6th election, the left has gone from typical lunacy to full-blown dementia. Take the organization “A is For…”, a feminist “reproductive rights” organization run by musician/writer Maureen Herman, actress Martha Plimpton, and the always-grating Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show. “A is For…” […]

Speaking of Foreign Policy, WHY Is This Venezuelan Diplomat Still in the U.S.?

“Persona non grata” is the official term for a foreign diplomat who is deemed no longer welcome. There is no single standard for what can get a diplomat expelled. Indeed, countries are given great leeway as to the type of behavior that can be considered worthy of slapping the “persona non grata” label on a […]

Ya Seen the Obama Admin. “Class Warfare” Military Indoctrination Course?

Fact-Checkers Slam Romney for Upcoming Debate Performance

Denver, CO (AP) – As the first presidential debate approaches, and have given Mitt Romney ratings of “Pants-on-Fire” and “4 Pinocchios” respectively for his forthcoming performance. “We give Romney’s upcoming debate performance a Pants-on-Fire rating” said Bill Adair of the fact-checking website  “Romney’s comments at the debate will definitely be an exaggeration […]

OUCH! “Green Energy” Guy Abandons Obama Fundraiser for Lack of Interest

Poor Jay Cole. The Duluth “green energy” advocate (and local TV producer) had a beautiful dream: He was going to launch a 50-day fundraising quest, leading up to his 50th birthday, with the goal of raising one million dollars for the reelection of President Obama. He created the “Jay Cole for Obama” PAC, loaded his […]

Duo Responsible for Odd Obama Logo Also Drew This

* Lost in all the hubbub last week about the atrocious (and recently redacted) “redesigned flag” that the Obama campaign featured on its website as part of the “Artists for Obama” project, was one of the other four logos chosen by Team Obama. * * I can see no way to read this except “We […]

Team Obama Prepares for Convention by Posting Photo of Obama Staring at Dog’s Ass

I’m beginning to think the Obama campaign is losing it. I mean, I really think they’re losing their collective (and collectivist) minds.  What I can’t quite figure out, though, is, are they so resigned to defeat that they just don’t give a damn anymore, or are they so out-of-touch with reality that they think they […]

My Letter to Yahoo News

Dear Yahoo News, I’m writing to you regarding your August 8th article, “Veepstakes: The political striptease of choosing a candidate,” in which you criticize Mitt Romney for “milking” the vice-president decision like “a striptease.” I did mention that your story ran on August 8th, right? Because, in 2008, Barack Obama didn’t announce his VP choice […]

Pelosi Redefines “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness;” Obamacare Lets You Be a “Painter”

* Speaking last Thursday at the national conference of the leftist organization “Campus Progress” (an arm of the Center for American Progress), Nancy Pelosi (who received the organization’s “Champion of Change Award”) rather creatively reinvented the meaning of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” According to the former House speaker, the phrase applies perfectly […]

Obama’s “Butterfly Effect” Economics

“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help….Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – President Barack Obama * During a recent speech in Roanoke, President Obama outlined, in stark, unmistakable terms, the economic theory by which he believes that […]

If Obama Had Been President During the Dot.Com Bubble Crisis (a speculative history)

(A White House press conferences convenes) President Obama: Good morning. When I took office four years ago, I inherited a devastating crisis from my predecessor, who, through a negligent lack of government regulation and oversight, had allowed stock prices for what we call “” companies to become dangerously inflated. When that bubble burst, and those […]

“Obama Utility Bill” Scam Leads to Discovery of Much Larger Swindle

By Rachel Zapata-Guevara Sheinblatz, Associated Press staff writer * (AP) – Authorities across the nation are searching for the culprits behind a scam that has bilked tens of thousands of people out of money and private information. As reported by MSNBC: The criminals have been marching across the country, making their way from state to […]

5 Rejected Google July 4th Logos, Before They Decided on Woody Guthrie

By Rochelle Radzinowitz-Xochiquetzal-Odom, Associated Press Staff Writer * (AP)  Yes, those fascist conservatives are once again raising racist fascistic hell, all because Google chose Woody Guthrie’s song “This Land is Your Land” as its official “holiday doodle” for July 4th. Needless to say, the right-wingers have a problem with the fact that Guthrie was a […]

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