Oakland Occupiers Hold “F*ck the 4th” Day, Burn American Flags (video)

How do those wacky “Occupiers” celebrate July 4th? By burning American flags, of course! Yes, those fighters for “social justice,” who’ve been praised by Democrat politicians, Hollywood stars, and liberal “news” personalities, held a “F*ck the Fourth” rally in Oakland on Wednesday. Along with burning flags, they hurled death threats at police (“die pigs!”), and […]

Need a Lawyer? Don’t Hire Sandra Fluke

(From FiniGoodman.com, reposted with permission) I know you have heard of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law School student who recently testified to members of congress about the subject of birth control. She has been a prominent media fixture this week as a figure of public mockery and an example of the “sexism” of the Republican party. […]

“Occupy” Loons Swarm San Diego Lowe’s to Protest “All American Muslim” Ad Decision

A motley crew of “Occupy San Diego” protestors swarmed a Mission Valley Lowe’s this weekend to protest the home improvement chain’s decision to pull its ads from the controversial new TLC show, “All American Muslim.” A scruffy looking “chanter in chief,” continuously shifting his weight back-and-forth in a manner that suggests severe bladder issues, led the […]

Young People Returning Home from Occupy Wall Street Find Struggles, Challenges

By Rivka Solomon Gonzales-Aoki (AP) – Ryan Sulzman walks alone through the woods behind his parents’ home in Binghamton, New York. It’s one of the few things that gives his troubled soul peace these days. “I like hearing the birds sing…and the crickets” he confides. “It takes my mind off the horrors I witnessed. These […]

RPA Science Blog: IQ of Chimps vs. IQ of Occupy Wall Street

Methodology: We used the standard primate IQ test in which bananas are hung from a ceiling, out-of-reach of the test subjects. The room contains several crates which, if stacked upon one another, provide access to the bananas. Scientists, observing through a glass wall, measure the length of time it takes for the subjects to make […]

Occupy Wall Street Finds Its Defining Orator (video)

Incoherent hippie chicks…providing unintentional humor for over forty years.    

As OWS Protesters Are Dispersed, We Demolish a Leftist Lie: “The Cops Wouldn’t Hassle Us If We Were Conservative”

I rarely lose my temper with dolts who send me angry emails or leave grammatically-deficient comments on my stories or videos. I either ignore that kind of stuff, or use it as fodder for jokes. But I did lose my temper recently with a liberal blogger who sent me an email in which he castigated […]

“Occupy Hartford” Speaker Reads Message from Hard-Core Anti-Israel Extremist (video)

Wait a minute…I thought the “Occupy Wall Street” movement was all about fighting “corporate fat cats” and “banksters” and protesting the lack of available credit and jobs. I thought it was supposed to be “inclusive” of the entire so-called 99%. Message to Jews – if you’re not virulently anti-Israel, GO HOME! Because more and more, […]

“Occupy Melbourne” Thugs Rough Up Elderly Jewish Man; Chant “Long Live Intifada!” (video)

Honesty goes a long way in my book. The only thing worse than anti-Jewish leftists are anti-Jewish leftists who refuse to admit that they’re anti-Jewish. So props to the hate-filled thugs behind “Occupy Melbourne” for not trying to hide the fact that hating Israeli Jews is a major factor in their “protest.” While U.S. “Occupy” […]

Fired LAUSD Teacher’s New Youtube Channel: The Jews “Should Be Shot!”

If you’re like me, for the past seven days you’ve been obsessed with one pressing concern – will anti-Semitic LAUSD part-time teacher and Occupy L.A. protester Patricia McAllister recover after being fired by her school district for advocating the expulsion from America of all “Zionist Jews.” Well, folks, we can all breathe a collective sigh […]

As Occupy Wall Street Enters Second Month, Parents Rejoice

By Rachel Kurzynski-Guzman (AP) – Joanne Kessler happily glides through the suburban home that she and her husband Edward share in Rockland County, New York. “Ed and I haven’t had this much alone time in over a decade,” she says, referring to the conspicuous absence of their unemployed thirty-one-year-old son Nick, who, over a month […]