Ron Paul-Obsessed GOP Official Co-Produced Pro-Suicide Bomber Film

Whenever I click on a news article that carries an incendiary headline, I absolutely hate it when the author leads off with an anecdote before getting to the meat of the story. I find it annoying, and a little disrespectful to the reader. Having now copped to being a hypocrite, I’m going to lead off […]

Chemtrailers Salute Ron Paul

Nashua, New Hampshire (AP) – As weary politicos awoke to a crisp New Hampshire morning, their eyes red from either a full night of partying or weeping, depending on the previous night’s outcome for their candidate, anyone who looked skyward would have seen an unexpected sight: a congratulatory message to Ron Paul for his second-place […]

FOLLOW UP: Ron Paul Supporters Debate Soft-Peddling Their Chemtrail Mania

I think I might’ve had something to do with this… In the wake of my piece about Ron Paul supporters spraying the sky with vinegar to combat “chemtrails,” a debate has broken out among the Paulsamics, as I call them, regarding whether the chemtrail issue might be harming their cause. Apparently, the admins over at […]

Ron Paul Supporters Spray Vinegar at the Sky to Fight “Chemtrails”…I’m Not Kidding

This is a story I couldn’t resist writing. Ron Paul supporters are spraying vinegar at the sky to “kill” clouds. They’re standing in their backyards, on their porches, and in front of their windows, angrily aiming spray bottles filled with vinegar into the air. How could I not write about this? If I live to […]