What to Do in the Wake of Sandy Hook? Nothing.

* Tragedy. We look for meaning, we search for answers. We try to make sense of grief. When Sandy Hook’s tragic events unfolded we were shocked. The normal was so shattered that no amount of reflection could answer the overwhelming questions created by our dull grief and hollow sorrow. We felt ineffable things that thwarted […]

The RPA’s David Stein on American Thinker!

Robert Spencer drew first blood…and now Stein draws last blood (I’m not actually sure that makes any sense, but you get the idea). Read the article here!

Epitaph for Salon and Pam Geller’s Discredited Rick Perry Meme

Debunking the Rick Perry “Pro-Sharia” School Curriculum Myth

The truth behind the “Rick Perry pro-Sharia school curriculum” myth.

Public School Course Makes Kids Blame the Holocaust on “God or the Jews”