Liam Neeson’s Impending Conversion to Islam Prompts “Schindler’s List” Re-Cut (video)

(AP) – Liam Neeson’s recent announcement that he is considering converting to Islam has apparently prompted the actor to spend a day in the editing room, crafting a new, alternate ending to his Oscar-winning film “Schindler’s List.” “I was speaking with a local Imam,” Neeson told the AP, “and he said that my films have […]

Ronald Reagan Schools Obama on Egypt and Iran…31 Years Ago

  I edited this a year ago, but now that the Islamists are officially in control in Egypt, I thought I’d post it again. The distinction between these two presidents could not be more pronounced, and the dangers posed by our current president’s foreign policy could not be more self-evident. Reagan: “Preserving the peace requires […]

Footage: Muslim Students in U.S. Make Plans to Help Egyptian Islamists

Middle East Unrest: Why is the Media Covering for a Terror Advocate?

17 Years of Media Denial of Muslim Terror (Report and Exclusive Video)