Teachers Union Endorses L.A. Candidate Affiliated with Racist, Extremist Group

MoveOn.org is Casting for Actors…Non-Union Only!

(Update below) Well, this is rich. Uber-liberal MoveOn.org is apparently casting an uproariously funny and deeply insightful PSA (wait, I meant to say a tritely-clichéd and inanely superficial PSA), but – according to the URGENT casting notice placed today on the NYCastings.com website, the noble progressives at MoveOn are only accepting submissions from non-union talent. […]

Bill Clinton Supports Walker Recall by Praising GOP Mayor Who’s Also Battling Unions (WTF?)

Memo from the campaign staff of beleaguered Wisconsin Democrat Tom Barrett: “Bill, please stop helping.” This past weekend, former President Bill Clinton was in Milwaukee to help Barrett in the closely-watched recall election against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Repeatedly, Clinton bashed Walker for trying to “break” public employee unions. And then he decided to give […]

The AP Flat-Out Lies About Scott Walker’s Congressional Testimony

A Liberal “Victim” Explains How She Instigated “Assault” by Tea Partiers

“Obama as Hitler” Signs at Pro-Union Rally…Media Looks the Other Way

Big Labor Coalition Member Threatens Violence Over Gov’t Austerity Measures