Apologize My Ass

Food Network superstar Paula Deen is the latest celebrity to embark on an “apology tour,” spending the past ten days releasing apology videos and making weepy teary appearances on TV shows begging for mercy for having used racial epithets in the presence of her employees, one of whom is currently suing her. I don’t know the details of the case, and I don’t want to know. The lawsuit will be decided by a court, not by me (and not by you). But I do want to say that I‘m sick to death of people being forced to publicly apologize.

Perhaps it’s because I was one of those people.

Two months ago, I was “outed” as having spent five years, from 1990 through 1995, making various claims, on shows like 60 Minutes, The Phil Donahue Show, 48 Hours, and Montel Williams, regarding the Auschwitz camp and its role and function during the Holocaust. What I said was controversial, but my views were based on what I perceived to be the facts. I never uttered a single word that was in any way hateful or pro-Nazi, because I am the exact opposite of those things.

After a large monetary bounty was put on my head by a violent extremist group, I changed my name, and spent the last eighteen years as David Stein. I built a very successful GOP event-organizing operation, and my political writing was carried by every major conservative site on the ‘net, from FrontPageMag to Commentary and The Weekly Standard, from the Breitbart sites to The Daily Caller and HotAir, from The Blaze to The Washington Times and OReilly.com, and on shows including Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the Larry Elder Show (where I had become an occasional guest…he and I were even working on a documentary film together).

All of that came crashing down two months ago when a vindictive young woman who I had been financially supporting for five years objected to being cut off from the Dave gravy train. She knew of my past (I never kept it a secret from my close friends and loved ones), and she “outed” me.

I was now “David Cole, the Jewish ‘Holocaust revisionist’ who’d been ‘hiding’ as David Stein.” The story of my “outing was carried by The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, AOL News, The Guardian, Gawker, MSN, The Washington Times, American Spectator, and PJ Media.

Half of my sizeable network of (now former) friends disowned me, sent me angry emails, called me “racist,” “anti-Semitic,” and “pro-Nazi,” and even pressured other GOPs to stay away from me.

But the other half just wanted to hear me apologize for the work I did 20 years ago. “Just apologize for the stuff you said when you were 22 years old, and all will be well! Just apologize!” Several of these former friends went a good distance to try to strong-arm an apology out of me. There were even a few threats made.

Well, apologize my ass. I refused. I would not become a monkey dancing for the “apology police” organ grinders.

To begin with, what I said 20 years ago is either right or wrong. If I erred, I’ll cop to it. But admitting an error and apologizing for it are two completely different things. If a mathematician gets an equation wrong, he’s not expected to fall all over himself apologizing. He’s only expected to recognize the error and learn from it. You don’t write history books by yelling names at people. Trying to convince a historian he’s erred by yelling “racist” is like trying to bake a cake by screaming “YOU STUPID CAKE.” It’s just not how these things work.

The problem with the “apology police” is that once you give in to them, they never leave you alone. You see that every time a comedian apologizes for making a “racist” or “homophobic” joke. Conan O’Brien is the king of apologies. He loves giving them. And the more of them he gives, the more he’s asked to give. He apologized for Sarah Silverman when she made a “racist” joke on his show, and soon enough he was apologizing again to the entire population of Quebec for the fact that Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog (you know, the puppet that insults people…it’s right there in his name) dared to make jokes about Montreal.

When comedian Tracy Morgan apologized for making a “homophobic” joke in 2011, at his next show (and there’s video of this) audience members began demanding apologies right then and there for every slightly off-color or edgy joke he did.

He brought it on himself. The apology police only go after those who they know will buckle. I call it the “Shalit Syndrome.”

In January 2006, Today Show film critic Gene Shalit gave a negative review to Brokeback Mountain. That same week, In These Times published an exposé of Iranian madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s anti-gay “pogrom,” in which gay men were being tortured and killed. Who did GLAAD go after? Shalit, of course. Why? Because GLAAD knew that Shalit, the proud father of an openly gay son who had written time and again about his dad’s unfailing support, would cave. Shalit, as far from a “homophobe” as is humanly possible, would be so emotionally devastated by being called one, of course he’d apologize for any offense his review might have given the gay community. Ahmadinejad, on the other hand, would have told GLAAD to shove it.

As expected, Shalit apologized, and GLAAD proudly trumpeted how it made a decent man cower before its might. Meanwhile, the Iranian government continued to murder gays. But so what, right? GLAAD got its apology. And isn’t that all that matters?

The apology police are cowards. They go after people who are easily bullied. That’s why I love South Park. Parker and Stone never apologize. I recall reading a blog from a “handicapped rights” advocate after the South Park episode “Crippled Summer” aired in 2010. The author was lamenting how Parker and Stone chose to portray the handicapped children in the episode as grotesque incarnations of Looney Tunes cartoon characters. But at the end of the post, the author admitted, “there’s no sense in protesting, since those guys never apologize.”

Exactly. If you don’t apologize, you eventually get left alone.

Now, I’m not saying that celebrity apologies are always unwarranted. When actor Isaiah Washington used an anti-gay slur during a heated, off-camera argument with a Grey’s Anatomy castmate, he absolutely owed that castmate, and the entire cast and crew of the show, an apology for his behavior. He did not owe a public apology to every LGBT person on earth. If Paula Deen did everything her former employee alleges, she certainly owes an apology to that person, and to the other employees. And she should rightfully pay compensation for having created a hostile work environment.

But she doesn’t owe me an apology, or you, for things she said privately behind the closed doors of her restaurant’s kitchen.

When senate candidate Todd Akin made his unbelievably stupid comments about rape last year, he responded with an apology video. And my point of view, which I made quite clear to my GOP allies at the time, was that I didn’t give a crap about his apology. He needed to drop out of the race, period. To hell with the apology; he needed to do the right thing.

But far too many of my former colleagues thought the public prostration was good enough. Yet another reason I despise these public apologies. They’ve become an easy out. If Paula Deen is sincere about her apology, she ought to settle up with the former employee and spare her the cost of a trial. Don’t apologize to me, Paula; I barely know who you are. Settle with the person to whom you directed the comments you supposedly regret.

Do the right thing. The apologies are nonsense. But they serve a dual purpose – they allow people like Akin and Deen to appear to be doing the right thing without actually doing anything but swallowing a bit of pride, and they allow “advocacy groups” to feel like big shots for forcing famous people to bow down to them.

It’s a circus sideshow, and one that’s gaining more and more freaks and ticket-buyers every year. I refuse to be a part of it.

My situation involves matters that I believed to be historically factual. If people think I erred, they can show me my mistakes, and I will admit any error. But apologize? Cave in because someone calls me “racist,” or because my conservative friends apparently believe that recantation at the point of a sword is how historical debates are settled? Hell no. Never.


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Until April 19, 2013, David Stein ran the Republican Party Animals organization. These days, he runs SteinCo Recyclable Bottle Reclamation Service, and he can often be found in Beverly Hills on the eve of trash pick-up day, combing recycle bins for redeemable bottles and cans, and leftover drops of liquor.


Pictured: Dave not apologizing.

Pictured: Dave not apologizing.



39 Responses to “Apologize My Ass”
  1. Matthew Gann says:

    Give ‘em hell, Stein! There are still many of us in your corner. Keep fighting!

    • Peymon says:

      Hi Dave,

      As Moses said, to the Egyptian Prince Nefereteria (see the 10 Commandments Movie), “love does not drown the truth.” As a Jewish born Iranian American, I know that Holocaust is a fraud perpetuated by the Zionist Banking Dynasty, the Rothchilds to portray anyone who questions their financial power over governments of the western world and big business as an anti-semite or a self-hating Jew.
      I heard about you years ago and appreciate your Moses-like courage to speak the truth, no matter who may benefit from the truth P{lease contact me, so that I can better support your truth telling efforts.
      Peymon Mottahedeh, President, Freedom Law School (760) 868-5834 http://www.LiveFreeNow.Org .

  2. Jett Rucker says:

    I’m in your corner, if you’ll come back to it. I only arrived after you “left,” after 50 years in the opposing corner.

    Age brings poor eyesight and (to some of us) erectile dysfunction. But if you keep your wits, it brings wisdom, too.

    You’ve got a GOOD start on that last bit, anyway!

  3. Lawrence Rundt says:

    I’m in your corner too. But the continued Democrat voter registration has me puzzled. Can you comment on that?

  4. Mark Green says:

    Hi David. Thank you for the terrific article, not to mention your earlier work.

    You are being hounded and persecuted for your controversial but not unreasonable conclusions. This is a crime? Apparently so. How unfair. How cruel.

    Because of your honest inquiries you are paying a terrible price. Your blacklisting is a backhanded assault on intellectual freedom. This threatens us all.

    Sometimes, science inquiry and genuine scholarship can lead to persecution. Now is that time. You are an unsung hero.

    Your de facto expulsion is mean and unjust. I blame the usual suspects for this.

    I am grateful to you for your courage and dedication. For what it’s worth, you have earned the respect and admiration of more people than you will ever know.

    Please don’t give in. Please don’t give up. Thank you, David.

  5. Astraea Shaw says:

    You gave the World an enormous gift of truth when you created those videos about Auschwitz. It has been a great relief and you should understand that many millions of people are very grateful to you for your courage.

    I do not understand why Jews would not be as relieved as the rest of mankind to know that Jewish people were not cruelly driven into homicidal gas chambers by thugs and vicious murderers.

    If I was Jewish I would be so happy to know that people I loved died of natural causes (such as the typhus killing people all over Germany at the time) instead, that they were not murdered.

    I have also wondered why Jewish people have never felt warmed and grateful for the tremendous outpouring of compassion from mankind for their suffering.

    Why too has the World not been allowed to know that Germany was not responsible for either WW1 or 2 and that there never was any intention on Hitler’s part to “exterminate” the Jews.

    It is such an outrageous, base lie.

    Thank you David Cole. Thank you.

    Astraea Shaw.

    • Brian Ruhe says:

      Right on Astraea! I love your lines, “Why too has the World not been allowed to know that Germany was not responsible for either WW1 or 2 and that there never was any intention on Hitler’s part to “exterminate” the Jews.

      It is such an outrageous, base lie.”
      Thank you!

  6. David Merlin says:

    It is amazing that a dynamic career can be derailed by holding an unpopular view of
    historic events….and complex ones at that. Good luck and Bon Courage.

  7. Karl Giel says:

    Hi David,

    I am German from Namibia and I admired your spirit 20 years ago!! If more people had balls like you! And even NOT to apologize now……..for what? Historical facts?? Its like you say…prove me wrong….


  8. @http://elentari98.wordpress.com/Good comment Astrea,

  9. Lasse Karagiannis says:

    Stay strong David. Your an intellectual hero.

    Survive please!

    Write a book about your exerience, put out a donate link, give lectures about not apologizing. Continue your holocaust research, if you believe it is safe.

    You are in our hearts, David. Some of us that are atheists are thinkin on you trying to project somekind of luck to you, some of us that are religious are praying for you!

    Power to you!

  10. Charlie Knight says:

    I also want to say that I have been seeking the truth. Not once did I see David say anything positive about the Nazi regime, although I have come to believe that there might have been many positive things because in the best of all governments there has to be some evil things, just a mathematical fact of averages.

    But David said when in his twenties a truthful thing. The proposed “facts” of the Holocaust as presented to us just plain “did not add up”.

    I am so thankful for David’s search for truth and his willingness to do whatever it takes to move along, and net keep his moral fiber in tact.

    I respect him even more now. And if the Republican Party ever wants to be a major force tin this world again, they need to follow what David said here.


  11. What David Cole did when he got Francizik Piper to admit on film that the gas chamber and crematoria chimney that ever more pilgrims in the new cult of the Holocaust continue to be shown at Auschwitz each year was as courageous a heresy as Galileo’s and Giordano Bruno’s were in their day. Unfortunately, all he and the handful of pioneer revisionists who sacrificed their careers, reputations and freedom to educate the public got was grief and opprobrium. David Cole’s face should be on postage stamps instead of in the tabloids. If Johnny Depp wasn’t a dipshit he’d be starring in a Mel Gibson produced epic called The David Cole Story. Why? Because the world needs the truth more than it ever has and we’re not going to get any in another beatnik biopic, that’s why!

  12. Brian Ruhe says:

    I’m in your corner David!! I was so happy to find you again after watching your You Tube videos many times. Now I see how it has been a blow to you to be exposed. I actually emulate you. I have given three public, advertised lectures on Adolf Hitler and one was videoed and is linked above at my You Tube channel, TRUTHsearhCHANNEL. I feel that we can take some refuge in the truth of karma. Your karma is a force of truth and virtue in this world. If your bravery is not repaid to you in this lifetime it will come to you in the next. I believe this truth that no good efforts are wasted and that the universe is causal. You will emerge from this with strength and happiness David! You are an inspiration to me as I do what I can to promote the true History of Nazi Germany.
    Be well, happy and peaceful,
    Brian Ruhe
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

  13. Damn straight,good post, with you all the way, nice to see you back, ever need any help with artwork ,contact me bud,forward and onward………..

  14. Troy Tempest says:

    Hang in there mate!

  15. Joe Rizoli says:

    Good for you David. We have played your videos on our Cable station a lot of times and the Jews are not happy.
    The Jews are a hateful and vitrolic people, David has found that out.
    One person who responded to our shows said David recanted of his videos. I always wondered what happened to him. But to see his response here is good to see.
    See CCFIILE.com for our holocaust videos. Also see Youtube videos under “jjrizo”

  16. Trevor says:

    Dear David:
    I have used your holocaust videos to wake up dozens of people, and when they heard of your forced recant and disappearance, I and they were all very worried you had been hurt. I thought I’d probably never know what happened, and everyone was so happily shocked to see your face in the news again. I agree with the comment about your face being on a postage stamp. I’m glad you stick by all your earlier work, after all it is impeccable, and I say that after seeing the films many many times, as I always watch them with anyone who wants to learn the truth.
    THANK YOU, you are awesome. A hero to millions!!
    The Germans never ever did what the jews say they did, and you exposed all reparations recipients as liars, all 4.5 million of them.

  17. Dariush says:

    I really like your Auschwitz clip it is a brooding masterpiece of cinema with excellent voice overdubs…a classic. I also love your Phil Donohue Clip…”Wait a minute did you just show a clip from Dachau?????” HAHAH. JDL are sick terrorists who for abusing you.

  18. PP says:

    Thank you, David. Well written article.

    P.S make more Holocaust videos.

  19. Lawrence Rundt says:

    I don’t even care about the gaps/fibs/theft in your IMDB bio. You’re a hero.

  20. Steve Constance says:

    Very well written and right on target. People who would give you a pass for a disingenuous apology aren’t worth the time of day. That they are demanding that you apologize for speaking the truth adds a whole new level of surreality. As you said, you’re right or you’re wrong. If you’re wrong, let them show you how you’re wrong. If you’re not, then for what are you suppose to apologize? Stay strong David. You’re something of a folk hero to many of us. You were in the early 1990s. You were when you went underground. You were when you reemerged a few months ago and you still are today.

  21. Berkeley says:

    I love the photo of you not apologizing! Lol.

    I have no way to get in touch with you now, so contact me some time.

  22. Rehmat says:

    There are few other Jewish writers who have refused to “apologize” for what they thought was truth. Gilad Atzmon, Roger Tucker and Dr. Richard Falk to name a few. Gilad Atzmon, in fact, said that he was proud to be called “a self-hating Jew”.


  23. It is I only says:

    Well, Ladies & Gentlemen if you are offended by my politically incorrect saying, first you have to remember that there’s no “HUMAN RIGHT AS NOT TO BE OFFENDED” Second anyone offended by my saying can go & get self sodomized!
    NO APOLOGIES from me!

  24. Hi Drick says:

    No one needs you to apologize. It’s good enough to know you’re a holocaust denier. Now we can ignore you.

  25. Rudy Hoss says:

    Didn’t you apologize on THIS site, before ‘revising’ your history and saying you won’t apologize? Something along the lines of “these are the last words of David Stein….I can say that I say with the most sincerity that I’ve ever said anything…I’m sorry”. That was quite an apology.

    But then you erased it, didn’t you? You like to revise history and you deleted it. Just like all leftists (you’re still a democrat) demagogues, cowards and con-men like to do, you change your past all the time.

    • Ungroomed Lover says:

      I believe that apology was to his GOP friends/associates for the hurt they’d suffered because of David’s deception of passing himself off as “David Stein” and concealing from them his true identity. This article is talking about making a public apology for his views on the Holocaust. They’re two different apologies concerning two completely different matters. The former David was happy to make and did make, the latter he’s unwilling to make.

  26. Great essay, David. Your BS meter is obviously still as sharp as ever.

    My only quibble is that you’re too hard on Ahmadinejad, who is not responsible for his country’s laws on sexuality (which are supported by the vast majority of Iranians, who have a right to create the kind of society they want). Ahmadinejad is one of the great truth tellers of all time, as his 9/11 speeches at the United Nations prove. I would have thought your BS meter would keep you free of the genocidal islamophobic zeitgeist orchestrated by the 9/11 perps.

  27. Berkeley says:

    There’s a question I’m very curious about, but I don’t suppose that anyone who could answer it will.

    There must be RPA members who have thought highly of the insights and intellectual capacity that David has shown in these articles, and who at the same time are horrified at the result of his past investigation of another matter.

    Do those folks ever say to themselves, “Hm, I wonder…?”

    I mean, if David is so able on the topics he’s discussed here, is it reasonable to believe that for some reason he became a bumbling idiot when he was brave enough to investigate the other topic?

    David has an obvious ability to discern and skewer nonsense that a mass of people take as gospel truth.

    There was hardly any personal advantage to him to see the facts as he saw them.

    What a lot of people overlook is what a core of integrity and bravery this man has.

    • Karl Giel says:

      @ Berkeley

      Well mate that is what I call good thinking and good arguing!
      I guess you will not get an answer, other that you are a Nazi.
      Have any one herd of AGENDA 21??
      Please do yourself a favor and go read it up! Inform yourself before it is to late!

      Karl Giel

  28. Santi says:

    Cole 2016! :D

  29. Mikko says:

    Hi Dave,

    I want to thank you for doing those videos back then. I watched them on youtube last week and they really helped open my eyes.

    I wish you continue investigating history and make more of those videos.

  30. Wolf says:

    David, you are a great surprise to see, I am very glad you are still alive, and I also love the fact history to some can be ignored and justified by name calling. This makes it just more challenging and I for one like a challenge.
    If you get the chance, and with your consent, a snippet of one of your films was recently used for a film by Dennis Wise called ‘The Greatest Story NEVER Told’ Adolf Hitler. It’s a 24 part 6 hour long doco, with part 25 to be yet released and tells a story never told before.
    This is not a hate film, not a Holocaust related film but a film of historical significance and of game-changing proportions. http://thegreateststorynevertold.tv

  31. Eratoc says:

    To be honest until yesterday I had never heard of you, and since then I’ve seen alot of your old videos and such. I’m now already a big fan!

    And I’m actually surprised that nothing more than threats has happened to you (or has it?) anyhow, you are a man with courage and true intellect. Don’t ever back down.

    Thank you for your inspiration – and I really hope your videos will spread and that people will know your name.

    / Leo

  32. Some revisionist person says:

    Well, brother, if you need a source of income, you may wish to begin speaking at revisionist events again? More writing, selling books?

  33. Jim Rizoli says:

    Great to see you’re still around.
    I play your videos on my 4 cable shows in my town of Framingham Mass
    I’m sure the Jews aren’t happy with learning the truth, but at this point in time we still have freedom of speech to say what we want.

    Jim Rizoli
    jjrizo on youtube

  34. steve clark says:

    I’m honored and proud to be your friend David! You have shown me that there are indeed good and honest Jews in the world. I hope all people can one day live in peace despite our obvious differences. All we want is to live our lives in harmony with this amazing planet! PEACE!

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