Since my “outing,” I have received hundreds of emails and web comments regarding my unique trajectory – how I went from being the “Jewish Holocaust revisionist” to being a Republican Party organizer and Hollywood conservative activist. Everything is explained in my book. I spent four months writing it, and there’s no way I can answer any questions about my life better than I did in the book that resulted from a very drunken summer. I honestly don’t think you’ll be bored by reading what is, in my opinion, a very honest and straightforward (warts and all) answer to all of the questions people have about me and my life. I have been told that I have an interesting story to tell, but in the end that judgment is up to you. The book is available on Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble (links to the left). Thank you for visiting this site.

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Coming Soon: “The Gospel of Gibson”

To what extent can Mel Gibson’s spectacular fall from A-list superstardom be traced to the views he was raised with, and to which he still adheres, in the anti-Vatican Catholic sect/cult founded by his father? This in-depth interview with Mel’s dad – the only on-camera interview he’s ever granted – attempts to answer that question.