Hollywood GOPs Ankle Holocaust Jew at Boffo Samarra Fest

There’s an old tale, popularized by W. Somerset Maugham, but with roots in ancient times, called the “Appointment in Samarra.” I’ll summarize it. A wealthy dude sends his best servant to the marketplace to buy groceries. While picking out vegetables, the servant turns around to see the Grim Reaper. The Reaper lets out a terrible shriek, frightening the servant, who flees the marketplace. Upon returning to his master’s house, the servant wails, “master, master, I was at the market and I ran into Death himself. He looked at me and let out the foulest of screams. I know he means to harm me. Please help!”

The master replies, “what can I do?”

The servant answers, “I must hide from the Reaper’s deadly hands. There are abandoned caves in Samarra. Few know of their existence. They are many miles away, but if I can ride nonstop I know I can get there by nightfall. No one will find me there.”

Sympathetic to his servant’s situation, the master says, “You have served me well. You may take my fastest horse. Ride quickly, and get to those caves. And God be with you.”

After the servant rides off, the master starts to get pissed at losing his best servant and his fastest horse. He goes to the marketplace where Death is still hanging out, picking through produce, because apparently he’s a fastidious prick. The master marches up to the Reaper and confronts him.

“What the hell, Death? Why did you scare off my best servant?”

To which the Reaper replies, “I’m truly sorry, sir. When I saw your servant here at the marketplace, my shriek was not one of terror, but of surprise. I could not imagine how he could possibly be here, as I have a meeting with him tonight many miles away at some abandoned caves in Samarra.”

That’s the basic tale, but shorn of Maugham’s gratuitous penis references.

Do you get the moral? The servant, in trying to flee his fate, merely helped bring it about. In trying to escape death, he ended up blindly riding straight toward it. The story has been used over the years to illustrate how “we cannot escape our fate.” I’ve always found a deeper meaning, one a bit more helpful in understanding human behavior. Some people, because of their fears, can be manipulated into bringing about the very thing they most dread.

With my new book, still four months away from release, already NUMBER SEVEN (as of January 13th) on the Amazon list of “Hot New Releases” in the political advocacy category [as of April 11th, the book is #1 on the Amazon chart], and with my book being carried by Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Foyles and Waterstones (the largest bookstore chains in the UK), I’ve been receiving a few emails from some of my former conservative chums in which they wonder if maybe, just maybe, they were manipulated into bringing about the thing they feared the most.

It’s a legitimate question. The fact is, mine might very well be the first unashamedly Holocaust revisionist book to be carried by so many mainstream outlets. And the book came about specifically because my Hollywood Republican pallies were manipulated into shunning me and destroying the life I had built over the past eighteen years. I did not want to leave that life. However, I was not only forced out, but every avenue of income I had was cut off, to the extent that people like talk show host Larry Elder – a man I considered a good friend – and his publisher World Net Daily refused to compensate me for work already done.

All in the name of punishing Holocaust revisionism.

So, if the result is the most mainstream exposure that revisionism has received in decades, are we talking a “Samarra moment” for my former comrades? Factoring in that the book is half about the Holocaust, and half about exposing the secret underground of Hollywood conservatives that I was a part of, my book can be seen as the result of a terrible, terrible miscalculation on the part of people whose fanaticism regarding what can or can’t be said about Holocaust history allowed them to be manipulated by the conniving pair who outed me.

When I knew I was going to be outed, I begged the folks who were about to do it to think carefully before proceeding. I tried to rationally explain to them that if they put me back in the spotlight because of my historical views, I’d have no choice but to defend myself by explaining my views. I didn’t want to be outed. But if I was, I wasn’t about to run or cower or recant. I recanted once in 1998, to save my hide. But I’m too old, too drunk, and too unafraid of “the gathering darkness” (to use a Grandpa Simpson phrase) to care anymore.

The “outers” outed me anyway. They successfully calculated that our circle of conservatives would be moved by a combination of zealotry (“questioning the Auschwitz gas chambers is as bad as pedophilia!”) and fear (conservatives are so routinely, and falsely, called “racist” that they distance themselves from anything the left can use against them).

But the fat lispy New York Post and Disney Channel hack who carried out the “hit” on behalf of a bitter fashion model with slightly less flesh on her bones than the Grim Reaper didn’t count on the fact that there are lots of people who responded to my outing with genuine interest. People want to hear my story. And I have dozens of documents from the 1990s supporting my work – letters, recorded phone calls, archival materials – that would have never seen the light of day had I not been put in the position of having to defend myself.

My former friends rode long and hard to escape Holocaust revisionism, and now, in those abandoned caves in Samarra, they realize they’ve ended up meeting it head-on.

The fear of and hatred toward the person I was twenty years ago was so intense that my old colleagues were sent riding like fools toward Samarra. I hope they enjoyed the trip, because they’re not likely to care for the destination.



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  1. OldManC says:

    I so love this post! Having been witness to the shrieking display of mob hysteria that came in the aftermath of your “outing,” I love the idea that light bulbs are now appearing over a few of those otherwise dim heads. Were those poor folks duped? Gee, you think?

  2. Josef Gideon Burg says:

    Mr. David Stein I have a stupid question about the Holocaust to you.

    What is the Jewish Definition used for Six Million decisions?

    1. Ultra-Orthodox Orthodox Conservative

    2. Reform Progressive Liberal Reconstructionist

    3. Nazis

    4. USSR

    5. Another

    How do you think a Quarter-Jew of the Soviet Union to be able to check it?

    Do you think that you could really compete with Gilad Atzmon Paul Eisen and Floriano Abrahamowicz?

    How do you save a Palestinian?

    There will Always be a Palestine.

  3. Bethany JC says:

    Unlike some folks ( ^ *cough* ^ ) I can leave a comment that’s actually relevant to the post. This was a good read. I think it’s interesting that the people who forced you out are having regrets. Did they not know from your early work that you can be a tenacious little bastard when you want to? It’s good to have you back. Is that Ann Coulter in one of the pics?

  4. Bryce Harter says:

    I do not know you or your “former comrades,” David, but they appear to be idiots. If they were actual friends, they would have at least respected your right to disagree with the history of Auschwitz, which I suspect you put a lot more time into studying than they did. Be happy to say goodbye to morons. You never needed them!

  5. Jack OBrien says:

    Synchronicity, coincidence, call it whatever. Recently watching your interview with a Mr Zundell. I was already aware of your investigative work and all the “trouble” you caused on misc TV shows etc…. Last evening, after listening to the Zundel interview. I wondered what you had been doing since those days. Were you dead?It would have come as no surprise! Were you threatened into silence? Another big possibility! Any way I put the search to work and blam!! There you are again, after all these years. Amazing tale, “Life” David. Congratulations on the book. I am looking forward to reading it. And THANKS for not Apologizing for your research, and your opinions.

  6. Miami Mama says:

    Let me get this straight. A guy like Larry Elder who is unfairly called racist decides to shun you because you were unfairly called racist? See, this is why I gave up following politics. It’s nothing but hypocrisy.

  7. Josef Gideon Burg says:

    Mr. David Stein “Jewish Holocaust Revisionist” has a duty to save a Palestinian.

    How do you think a Quarter-Jew of the Soviet Union to be able to check it?

    Do you think that you could really compete with Gilad Atzmon Paul Eisen and Floriano Abrahamowicz?

    How do you save a Palestinian?

    There will Always be a Palestine.

  8. Babidi says:

    I realize now when I initially projected about your book / character in December I was wrong. The book sounds like it’s going to be blast, consider it pre-ordered.

    Here’s hoping a book tour is in the works.

  9. Josef Gideon Burg says:

    Mr. David Stein “Jewish Holocaust Revisionist” has a duty to save a Palestinian.

    Do you think that you could really compete with Gilad Atzmon Paul Eisen and Floriano Abrahamowicz?

    How do you save a Palestinian?

    There will Always be a Palestine.



  10. Josef Gideon Burg says:

    Mr. David Stein You may be able to question Gilad Atzmon Paul Eisen.

    There will Always be a Palestine.



  11. Some revisionist person says:

    I had a little chit chat with Gilad Atzmon on Twitter. He’s one of either a historical illiterate, a dupe for radical leftist propaganda, or an outright fraud. Take your pick. Personally, I lean toward fraud.

  12. Hey Dave, good to see you and hear about you. My revisionist friend Bradley Smith
    has told me much about you the last couple of years, but I had to keep it under my
    hat. Then the Republicrats fan really hit the stuff, eh? Our revisionist friend Ditlieb
    Felderer has really hit rock bottom, it’s sad to see. I just Bradley Smith’s #202 of
    Smith’s Report and I just posted the full page, retyped myslef on my revisionist blog
    page. Really disappointed in Larry Elder, who’s books I have reviewed on amazon.
    Kind of the Jon Brant over Terrible Tom situation (can explain better, but gotta run).
    Glad you’re back in the game. Fight On, brah! Revisionism for Peace (now Rev.)
    Rich Salzer, Conservative Preterist Church / Historical Review Library

  13. Hugh Beaumont says:

    I wouldn’t even have to look at you to know you were David Cole. All I’d have to do is listen to your voice – I’d have said, “That’s either Jerry Lewis or David Cole. There’s a song from a Gary Lewis and the Playboy’s album named “Time Stands Still”. See if you can get it – it sounds like you singing the final verse.

  14. Dave says:

    David, so glad you’re back man!!! You rule!!! I can’t wait to get your book and I’m looking forward to your future posts. All the best to you and yours, David.

  15. Iain says:

    David,please,please,please tell me you banged Anne Coldheart just before that photo was taken,and thats why she”s grinning ear to ear!!!

  16. Mike says:

    David………..now is your time to shine. David Cole vs. Alan Dershowitz will be more legendary than Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones.

    Great to see you’re back!

  17. Markus says:

    Thanks for your historical work.

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