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  1. Lori Shoo-Weber says:

    You’re “terrible”…in a delightful way!!!! 😀 <3

  2. Alphonso says:

    Your documentary is listed at the IMDB but at time of writing it only has a measly 13 votes when it should have thousands. If anyone is a member of the IMDB please watch the documentary and rate it. It can be viewed here

  3. Zulu says:

    Hi David!
    Glad to hear from you again. You’re quite popular even in France as your Auschwitz’s documentary rune with French subs.
    You are good for revisionism because being a smart Jew, you make lie all those “deniers’ haters” who claim that revisionists are only a bunch of racist neonazis nuts.
    Be carefull with that booz, buddy, we need you for more works in video production.

  4. dave says:

    Same undeniable, verifiable, historical fact fr. Holohoax dc, virtual jewish news. Hitler is a patriot, decorated WW1 hero, veteran, painter, intellectual, linguist, cultured, well read man not homicidal murderer like we have been told and taught. he chose to deport jews since they led Wilson into WW1 to defeat Germany.
    Hitler was more beloved than the Beatles when they performed. Admirers lines streets 10,000s of screaming fans, families waving, Hitler led germany out of great depression before FDR’s new deal. Unless verifiable evidence can be found Hitler’s psycho psychoid murdered Hitler was a pacifist if you bothered to read David irving’s Hitler’s war. Irving had access to East german records,interviewed survivors other than Zionist and allied coverup conspiracy and propaganda. Hitler won air war with jet planes shooting down b-52s. No saint or an angel by any means. Himmler was shocked when revelations of gassings, shootings came up. He asked other officers , Were we doing that? Himmler gave explicit orders to preserve lives via zyklon b so he could trade jews for SS officer and POWs.
    Rupert Murdoch published fraudulent Hitler diaries knowing they were fake that had the missing paper trail all forgeries. 1933 to 1941 Hitler wanted the final solution to get rid of all jews out of Germany for free to any country. FDR convened Evian conference with 32 delegates from foreign countries incl. USA would not accept jews. Only Dominican republic allowed visas. Little known fact none of the free world would except world jewry. How can you base fantasy of holohoax on Kurt gerstein and Kurt Becher. Himmler ordered Eichmann, Becher in 1944 via Joel Brand to broker Hungarian jews for 10,000 trucks, tons of coffee, tea, cocoa and bars of soap. If Fat jewish soap was true why did SS run out of soap. Fat jew soap was hollywood prop given to Ilya Ehrenberg to fund raise on Capital hill. Soviet jewish propagandist had access to FDR like AIPAC, JDL, ADL, Netanyahu, Peres and israelis ear of US president and congress today.
    Invention of 6 million gassings fabricated when no country except Dominican republic would accept European jewry for a price. History does not teach you this verifiable fact!!

  5. David B. says:

    Hi David, glad to see you are still around, just about a year ago I said to a friend of mine “I wonder whatever happened to that bright young man David Cole.”

    Question for you. You always seemed to be a serious, studious type of guy. So…my question is about the whole “Israel” thing…I noticed you seem to be very pro-Israel…do you even know about the Nakba? (the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian civilians…300,000 of whom were thrown out of their homes and villages destroyed by pre-Israel ‘Jewish’ militias from Dec 1947-May 1948…BEFORE the ‘war’ started in May, and another 400,000 ethnically cleansed by the end of the year).

    A good deal of research has been done about the Nakba, such as Morris’ “The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Proglem” and Pappé’s “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”, which show conclusively that this is a case of European Jews coming to Palestine (which was historically only about 3% Jewish), trying to buy and take over the land by legal means, and create mass immigration of Jews to create a majority ‘Jewish’ population, but ultimately failing and then taking it over by force, expelling non-Jews from their homes by the hundreds of thousands.

    It’s a very dark chapter in history, and equivalent to the way Jews were historically treated in Russia and Europe (not including the 1940s), so I wonder how you can support this? To this day, the Israeli regime is engaged in violence and war crimes, daily, for the sole purpose of artificially creating and maintaining a Jewish majority in an area that has never had more than 3% Jews…perhaps ever, certainly not for the last 1400 years.

    It is a really brutal regime, employing a philosophy along the lines of the Nuremberg laws to achieve racial purity, and committing all manner of atrocities to achieve this, and to grab more land. I was just wondering how you have justified this in your mind, or if you are not actually aware of the details of the situation, like most Americans.


    • civic grief says:

      Where is he “pro-Israel?” I don’t remember that. Please give me a link or something. He isn’t “not actually aware of the details of the situation…” That is impossible. The conduct of Israel is the biggest impetus pushing most common people to take an interest in World War 2. We see in the Israelis and both Jewish and Gentile Zionists a brutal and horrific side of established, socially acceptable racism, violence, theft, deception and hypocrisy. Its this that makes us question the angelic innocence of their forefathers, their origin and justification… “The Holocaust”.

      In any event, it is possible to be a proponent historical truth while not caring a hoot about Palestinian genocide, Rachel Corrie or any other goy.

      • David B. says:

        I googled him after recently discovering he had resurfaced, and several of the articles stated he had been working as a “right wing Republican and pro-Israel hawk”. Not sure if the Israel bit was part of the act or not. I wanted to find out from the source, so I asked, and I am waiting for a response 🙂

        Not sure it really matters…he wouldn’t exactly bring credibility to the cause of historical accuracy, equal rights and justice in Israel-Palestine, but still it would be nice to know. I have a hard time taking anyone seriously if they don’t acknowledge the Nakba. There is a lot more evidence for that than there is for the orthodox holocaust story.

        • David B. says:

          adding: not saying Cole isn’t credible…I think he probably speaks the truth as he sees it. But as a figure, he would make it too easy for the Zio-nazis to shout everybody down using their usual tactics of calling people who criticize Israel ‘anti-semites’ and so forth.

  6. civic grief says:

    The link to the book at walmart works, but it is not available to find via the search function.

  7. Ken Meyercord says:

    I produce a public access TV show called WORLDDOCS which features documentaries from around the world you won’t see broadcast on corporate TV. The show goes out over 3 public access stations to 2 million cable viewers in the Washington, DC area. One of the documentaries I have aired on my show was your seminal video on Auschwitz (That act got me on the front page of the Metro section of The Washington Post years later when I ran for a pseudo-political office: I would like to air your appearance on the Montel Williams show on WORLDDOCS. There are several copies of that episode on YouTube, but the quality varies. I thought you might know which version is the best quality for me to download. Can you help me out?
    P.S. Loved your book. I’ll be sure to mention it on my show when I air the Montel footage.
    WORLDDOCS airs on Fairfax Public Access (cable channel 10) in Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Stafford, and Spotsylvania counties in Virginia on
    Mondays at 10:00 AM, Thursdays at 1:00 AM, and Sundays at 8:30 PM; on Montgomery Community Television (cable channel 19) in Montgomery and Prince
    Georges counties in Maryland on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM and Thursdays at 11:00 PM (live-streamed at; and on DCTV (Comcast channels 95 & 96/RCN channels 10 & 11) in Washington, DC at various times (live-streamed at

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