Michael Shermer Admits to Lying About Me and Misleading His Readers

Wotta guy! Wotta “scientist!”

Over the coming weeks I’ll be releasing bits n’ pieces of the audio recordings of Michael Shermer that are transcribed in my new book Republican Party Animal.

Today’s Shermer document dump: His admission that he falsely labeled me a “racist.” Two admissions, actually – one made to me in 1994, the other made to a third party in 1995. And yet, he refused to correct what he describes as “the most misleading thing” he wrote in his supposedly scholarly article about revisionists in Skeptic Magazine.

That’s how brazen this fraudulent “skeptic” is. He has no problem admitting that he defamed me and misled his readers. And he feels not even the slightest pangs of conscience that would lead a decent man to retract something false that was actively putting another person’s life in danger at the time.

Because at the exact same time that Shermer lobbed the phony “racist” charge at me, I was dealing with crap like this:


Essential 6 - The original JDL threat


And a few months after Shermer’s phony charge – a charge that was widely believed to be true because it was known that Shermer and I were (at the time) friends, I was brutally attacked – the third (and last) time I was beaten by JDL thugs, and the most severe.

As I have repeatedly stated every time I’ve spoken about Shermer, I know absolutely nothing about the claim of rape that was leveled against him last year. But if he has, inside him, the ability to publicly lie about a (then) friend, and to cop to it privately, all the while refusing to do the right thing publicly, well…what does that say about the man’s credibility?

When he has attacked the character of the women who’ve made claims against him ranging from sexual harassment to outright rape, look at his track record when it comes to falsely attacking the character of others.

Here’s the first of many audio clips to come:




9 Responses to “Michael Shermer Admits to Lying About Me and Misleading His Readers”
  1. Ralph says:

    What a fraud. Great book BTW. Loved it.

  2. Anne says:

    I had never known that you were responsible for getting him on the Donahue show, until you published the photo of you two together.
    For me, Shermer disappeared after that show, as I am in the UK. But I never forgot his smarmy face, when forced to admit that the propaganda surrounding the human skin turned into lampshades was false (including a lot of other things that were on that horrific table including the shrunken heads).
    The man was a fraud that moment when he turned back and agreed with the Jewish women survivors that this was true!.
    I actually believed that he was paid by the Jewish foundation to speak on their behalf, yet I more shocked that he WAS your friend.
    I am sorry you were targeted, I hope that your life will be free from psychopaths and sociopaths in the future.

  3. Hugh Beaumont says:

    Suppose you were to write a book called “Was Lincoln Really Shot?”, and made up the biggest book of bs ever known in history. Put in phony letters, e.g., he wrote to a friend saying he had done his duty, and all he wanted was rest, so he was going to disappear, and this is how it would happen…blah blah blah. You would get crushed by writers in a million ways for your fraud. Then you would explain – “Of course Lincoln was assassinated. And look how people jumped all over this. They supplied the facts, and buried me. That’s why I did it; to show that this is what happens when you make things up. So tell me why all my work on the Holocaust, has not been rebuffed with facts and events, but only with scorn and expulsion? Why? Because it’s true – and what’s true cannot be proven false.”

  4. Alphonso says:

    Hi David,
    The thread about you and Michael Shermer is still going at the James Randi forums – http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=278713 I thought Shermer might have tried to have it banned. I am amazed at how many phoney skeptics there are who act like relious fanatics simply because people have a dissenting opinion on the Hollywood/media version of the holocaust. People who have genuinely enquiring minds and genuine skepticism made the following documentaries – http://codoh.com/library/categories/1167/

    • Mary Quite Contrary says:

      I tried to start a discussion about Michael Shermer’s attempt to stop publication of Republican Party Animal on Shermer’s own Skeptic forum. It was immediately locked.

  5. Leo Frank says:

    David Cole,

    Mix some juice with that booze or you are going to fry your liver, take it easy, dont be so quick to embrace the cold hand of passing in your slow death spiral, we need you to debunk another hoax too… about the Mary Phagan murder mystery.

    if you want another easy hoax to debunk, check out the Leo Frank Case. The ADL, Leonard Dinnerstein and Abe Foxman have been pushing the 100 year old hoax that Leo Frank was framed because of anti-Semitism and that police and prosecutors conspired with a semi-literate alcoholic stumble bum, James “Jim” Conley to railroad an innocent Jew. Foxman and Dinnerstein, even propound an anti-Gentile blood libel hate crime hoax that people where shouting anti-semitic death threats at the Jury through the open windows of the courtroom during the Leo Frank trial.

    Are we in the twilight zone?

  6. Prrride says:

    Just stopping by to thank you for spreading the truth, at your expense. I have used your documentary to awaken at least two people, maybe more online I’m always posting links to it.

    The extent of your contribution to world history has yet to reach it’s peak, that’s for sure. It’ll get there sooner than later.


  7. Marcy Fleming says:

    As a secular Jew (Mom’s side) who has lived in Israel and whose boyfriend, Mike Hardesty, wrote the foreword to the first Paul Rassinier book published in English (1975) I want to thank you for your great courage and work.
    I’m sure we disagree on some things but I have been recommending Debating The Holocaust by Thomas Dalton as a good intro to the subject. It gives all the refs on both sides and still of a reasonable length that people might actually read it. Let us know who all these HollyHood Cons are so we can write to them. As a native San Franciscan nothing in this leftwing nut state surprises me.
    Best wishes.

  8. cameron says:

    so much fun to get drunk and watch this stuff.

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