Ron Paul Supporters Spray Vinegar at the Sky to Fight “Chemtrails”…I’m Not Kidding

This is a story I couldn’t resist writing. Ron Paul supporters are spraying vinegar at the sky to “kill” clouds. They’re standing in their backyards, on their porches, and in front of their windows, angrily aiming spray bottles filled with vinegar into the air.

How could I not write about this? If I live to be one-hundred years old, will I ever again get the chance to write about something so incredibly insane?

I have several friends who support Ron Paul. The aim of this piece is not to malign or belittle all Paul supporters – just the ones who adhere to the “if Alex Jones says it, it must be true” school of thought. And boy, do those Paul devotees love the “chemtrails” conspiracy theory (the belief that the contrails created by the exhaust of aircraft engines are actually toxic “chemical trails” that the Zionist/Illuminati/Bilderberger/alien-lizard-man secret societies are using to poison the earth).

When not listening to Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, chemtrail believers obsessively take photographs of the “poison trails” and “evil clouds.” Of course, since the alien-lizard-Zionist-Bilderbergers forbid the puppet governments of the world from admitting that chemtrails exist, the intrepid chemtrail hunters have been stymied. Sure, they can photograph them, but they can’t stop ‘em.

Or CAN they? This year, a movement has spread like dengue fever among chemtrail sleuths. This movement claims that chemtrails can be “killed” with vinegar, sprayed upward from the ground. And hundreds of chemtrail true believers are doing just that – and they’re uploading videos to Youtube, Dailymotion, Ebaumsworld, and elsewhere, documenting their chemtrail “kills.”

Of the hundreds of “chemtrail kill” videos, the majority are made by self-described Ron Paul supporters. I’ve dubbed this branch of the Paul camp the “Paulsamics” (as in “Paulsamic vinegar”). If you want to see the sheer volume of Paulsamic videos online, just Google or Youtube-search “chemtrails” and “vinegar.” Below, I’ve embedded the very best video of the lot. It’s ten minutes long. Normally, I would grab a video of that length and edit a highlight reel. But it’s impossible to edit this one down; it’s too damn perfect as it is. Watch as a chemtrail-obsessed, Ron Paul-obsessed mom uses her trusty spray bottle to combat the marauding trails, as her long-suffering teenage son is forced to record her. Witness her great victory as she reemerges later to find that she has “cleaned the sky.” Oh, and don’t miss the clip at the 8-minute mark that shows the state of the family’s lawn as a result of the constant vinegar-showers. Perhaps her gardener can explain to her that vinegar is not lighter than air!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The woman who originally posted the above video has taken it down and closed her Youtube account. As a result, our readers can no longer see that she is an extreme Ron Paul supporter and volunteer, who has edited Internet campaign spots for Paul, and who posted Ron Paul videos on a daily basis. We don’t want to give the impression that we are describing her as a Paul fanatic based only upon supposition; the evidence was there, but it has been removed)

Now, my Ron Paul-supporting friends will probably claim that it’s unfair to use the actions of a few hundred Paulsamics to tar the entire Paul base. Perhaps. But I’ll say this: If two hundred Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, or Rick Santorum supporters converged on the U.S./Mexican border to combat illegal immigration by spraying vinegar in the air, I’d consider that every bit as worthy of ridicule as I do the actions of the Paulsamics. Of course, that scenario would never happen. It’s a simple truth that no other GOP candidate has a group of supporters who are doing anything even remotely as lunatic as spraying vinegar skyward to “kill” clouds. This is something totally unique to the Paul crowd.

Several of the Paulsamics brag about the “money bombs” they’ve coordinated for Paul, the organizing they’ve done for his campaign, the Internet spots they’ve created, etc. This is an important segment of his support base. As Leon Wolf at RedState so aptly observes, “Ron Paul has built an entire political career off of pandering to the paranoid and hate filled when he thinks no one is looking.”

And now he has the Paulsamics as a result – a small cadre of dedicated loons who spray vinegar at the sky. Own ‘em or disown ‘em, Dr. Paul. Or do neither, while still happily accepting their money and support. Either way, there’s no denying that your association with the lunatic fringe is a serious stain on your presidential campaign.

Hey – now that I think about it, you know what’s good for removing stains?



FOLLOW-UP: In response to this story, Ron Paul supporters debate whether to soft-peddle the “chemtrail” nonsense.

57 Responses to “Ron Paul Supporters Spray Vinegar at the Sky to Fight “Chemtrails”…I’m Not Kidding”
  1. The Lt. says:

    If your standard of evaluating a candidate is based on the ridiculous beliefs of a handful of that candidate’s supporters, then Romney and Huntsman would be equally disqualified by the outlandish tenets of the CLDS. Gingrich would disqualify himself with the insanity of thinking he can actually pull off a victory in Virginia at this point.

    Your standards of evaluation appear highly attuned with the result you want already in mind, and that’s not honest analysis.

    But go ahead and keep on with the confirmation bias…

    • rob says:

      I agree… despite the fact that I too believe in “Chemtrails.” check out the pentagon website and look up “Geo-Engineering”

      The only thing his supporters got wrong is that vinegar will not solve a thing… I’m not sure where they got that stupid idea from… The only thing that will do is pollute the soil…

  2. TexMax says:

    If ANY other candidate had supporters doing something this stupid, I would expect that candidate to SAY something (like, “I disassociate myself from this insanity”). But the thing with Paul is, we KNOW that these loons are his bread and butter. And HE knows that. He needs their money, and their leg-work. These nuts aren’t peripheral to his campaign; they’re indispensable to it.

    • rob says:

      Yes any other candidate would have no problem disowning anybody who makes it harder for them to lie, whether or not they even believed in what the supporter said… Because Ron Paul in principled, and honest, he doesn`t flip-flop every time it would earn him a few extra percentage points. Plus if he did that now, his entire support base would probably disown him, for selling out his beliefs he has preached for 11 consecutive terms as a congressional representative.

      Who do you support ?

      • Rusty says:

        Ron Paul “principled”? LMAO! He’s a hypocrite! If we lived in the time that he wants to take us back to, the 19th century, he would be tarred and feathered and ran out of town like the snake-oil salesman that he is!

    • Breakable says:

      Whole republican base is more or less anti-science and as a result anti-reality. Denying global warming as any other scientific theory (like evolution or germ-theory) is a religion to them. I really wonder how selling of globes is not banned in the (republican) bible belt, as round-earth theory was one of the first stepping stones of scientific progress.

  3. Chris in NC says:

    I love the 4 minute mark where the dog looks like it’s trying to get out of there…

  4. rob says:

    Rofl… I love how many people still don’t understand what geo-engineering is. You sir are completely wrong in your analysis, and unfortunately picking a fight with the wrong crowd. Despite their belief that vinegar would “kill” a chemtrail, their idiotic belief that this will help them, does not in any way mean that chemtrails (or as it is really called by the Government: Geo-Engineering) are non-existent, and that it is just contrails from jet engines. Now tell me, would this be a considered a credible source for such information?

    Rolling Stone magazine? Or perhaps:



    or (feeling stupid yet?)

    … I could go on… But this should be sufficient to quell your desire to amplify your own ignorance of major world issues via leveraging the world wide web, and then act like a condescending prick to Ron Paul supporters for being more informed than you are. you need to open your mind and close your mouth until you realize the reality you walk around in every day…

    This is a sad article, and void of one thing that is required… Fact checking.

    Happy new year!

    – Rob

  5. rob says:

    Here’s the patent’s for further FACT CHECKING!!! 🙂
    (Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere
    United States Patent 4,686,605 / Eastlund / August 11, 1987 )
    (Method of modifying weather)
    United States Patent 6,315,213 / Cordani / November 13, 2001
    (Liquid atomizing apparatus for aerial spraying )
    United States Patent / 4,948,050 / Picot / August 14, 1990
    United States Patent: – US3813875 / Issued/Filed Dates: June 4, 1974 / April 28, 1972

    Please, include these in your next article when you apologize for the inaccuracies, like a true blogger would…

    Enjoy 🙂


    • junk says:

      again, i dont see anything wrong with any of these inventions. do you think these are things that people created just so that they could achieve negative effects? quite the opposite id say. if you found an inventive way to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere by releasing some barium, does that mean youre trying to bring an end to mankind as we know it? lol hardly. its when you inject your own fiction into science that you come up with such lavish rediculousness. let me guess, you dont think that was just a weather balloon that crashed at area 51 all those years ago either do you? theyre all out to get you!!! rofl

    • jules says:

      rob, it’s like describing color to a blind person . they have created a world for themselves that has made them feel safe in. Info that disrupts their illusion is QUICKLY cast aside. Key word: quickly. Most people would put it aside if it doesn’t feel familiar or right, gather information systematically or through day to day observation and over time form an opinion. There is so much information out there for the world to see but so many are still relying on a msm newscaster; someone no one knows who was hired by who knows who to tell us what-the truth? Media is NOT about news anymore, it’s nothing but A BUSINESS of swaying public opinion. The newscaster works for THEM, not for us! Dig deeper!

      • Tom says:

        Logical fallacy (ie: circular logic). The more people point how you’re wrong does not prove that you’re right. Basic logic dude that most 8 year olds can grasp.

    • Derpus says:

      Patents don’t mean shit. Dowsing rods have patents, too. They don’t work. Try again, chief.

  6. Putsch says:

    You people are ignorant and propagandized! There is nothing here that says they are Ron Paul supporters at all..

    • Jeff Albertson says:

      @Putsch: Oh, right. Let’s see…the Youtube pages of the “chemtrail fighters” show that they are Paul supporters, many of them LINK to pro-Paul websites, and the video embedded in this post is by a woman who has almost nothing BUT Paul propaganda on her Youtube page (which you can easily see by clicking through to her Youtube account). But you’re right – we shouldn’t pay attention to “reality.” It’s just a Zionist/Bilderberg/Illuminati illusion. Instead, let’s get lost in your fantasy world of chemtrails, alien lizard men, Jewish cabals, and 9/11 “truthism.”

    • TexMax says:

      Only in the world of a Paultard are the “ignorant” and “propagandized” ones the ones who see what’s right in front of them, and the “smart” ones the ones who believe in invisible fantasies. Putsch, if you just look at the Youtube page of the woman whose video is in this post, you’ll see that she’s an ardent Paul supporter. The fact that you would make your idiotic statement without checking the facts just shows the mental caliber of the average Paul supporter. Maybe you need to adjust that tinfoil hat…

      • wootenator says:

        Check out “Among the Truthers”. These people are probably 911 truthers too. Oh, and they don’t believe in vaccinations either.

    • JunK says:

      ‘This is a story I couldn’t resist writing. Ron Paul supporters are spraying vinegar at the sky to “kill” clouds.’

    • JunK says:

      This is a story I couldn’t resist writing. Ron Paul supporters are spraying vinegar at the sky to “kill” clouds.

  7. movera2k says:

    The guy who wrote this article is an absolute jerk off dumbshit. Go fuck yourself doucebag.

    • Mike James says:

      Wow, I bet you were awesome when you were on the forensic team in school.

      Pee Wee Herman is going to be President before Ron Paul is.

  8. Heathenist says:

    First, I don’t know much about chemtrails, but from what I know about contrails is that they are supposed to go away after a few minutes, chemtrails supposedly remain much longer, and zig zag the skies, I don’t know much about the topic so I don’t know if they are genuine. I have heard that people have had what they believed was the residue from a chemtrail test it and it was aluminum and barium. Anyway it doesn’t matter what a few people who support Ron Paul believe, this is a classic guilt by association, which is a logical fallacy. Just because people who believe a certain thing support Ron Paul doesn’t mean Ron Paul believes it. This is such a hatchet job, let’s focus on the candidates and issues and leave out the tabloid crap.

    • Brad Terrell says:

      “Guilt by association” my ass. Ron Paul goes on shows like anti-Semite Alex Jones’ conspiracy cavalcade and says NOTHING to distance himself from the chemtrail nonsense, the 9/11 “truthism,” the anti-Semitic crap, etc., because he KNOWS how much he depends on the loons for money and support. He encourages the loons to support him, by encouraging their delusions. If you lay down with dogs and get up with fleas, that ain’t “guilt by association.” Rather, it’s the inevitable result of laying down with dogs. Paul is filthy because he’s in bed with filth.

      • Java Jones says:

        Brad Terrell hates black people. I know this because he hasn’t said he doesn’t hate black people. He doesn’t hold press conferences to distance himself from anti-black propaganda so it has to be a fact that Brad Terrell hates black people. I like this kinda logic.

        And by “the loons and filth that Ron Paul depends on for money and support”… I assume you are talking about the majority of the American military that supports Ron Paul. What disgusting people they are. Laying down with dogs indeed.

        • Isaac says:

          Oh, I’m sorry, Was Brad Terrell on a radio show and passively acquiesced while the host went on a racist rant against black people? I must have missed that.

  9. Linda Morrow says:

    Global aerosol spraying is well documented. Those who want to know the truth might check out for a start. While vinegar does have antibacterial properties, it could in no way have the ability to counter the effects of barium, strontium, aluminum, viral agents, molds, etc. that have been detected in water and air samples from aerosol spray fallout. To be fair, I rather think you could find supporters of all candidates somewhere who display ignorance in some area or another. Fairness obviously, was not in play here and such a tactic seems a bit unworthy of a person with Stein’s credentials.

  10. DANEgerus says:

    Lets ban CFC to close the Ozone hole… which closed by itself before the CFC ban went into effect. But poor people have to pay more for food preservation! Yea!
    Lets ban CO2, which follows warming trends (not causes), to “prevent” a lusher richer Earth like the one we enjoyed for 5 centuries when you could farm Greenland. But that 5-7 degrees warmer world didn’t exist right? So the 5% of CO2 emissions by humans have to be banned to prevent an increase in temperature of 1 degree… or at least postpone it from 2100 to 2105. But poor people have to pay more for energy! Yea!
    Now… CHEMTRAILS! A well understood consequence of high altitude flight is now the newest chicken little exercise in self delusion. How much will this cost the poor?

  11. junk says:

    ok, you want to play the fact-checking game? go read this. PLEASE! and try to explain to me again how supporting the idea of ‘chem trails’ is backed by one single shred of solid evidence. as i stated before, only when you inject your own fiction into science could you possibly come up with such lavish bullshit.

  12. If true, my old hometown or Owenton KY everyone would have carpel tunnel syndrome and the vegetables would pickle themselves while still in the ground from misting. Pick a peck of pickled peppers, indeed.

  13. LOGICIST says:

    This video demonstrates the old logical fallacy: post hoc ergo propter hoc.

  14. Those FOOLS! They’re using the WRONG vinegar! You have to use BALSAMIC! No wonder it’s not working….

  15. David M Brooks says:

    So a handful of people who believe in the crank idea of chemtrails also support Ron Paul, so Ron Paul & and all his supporters are absurd. But both Gingrich & Romney personally bought into the other “the sky is falling” notion of global warming and supported restrictions on CO2 emissions and the required use of boondoggles like windmills & solar power; but now have “rethought” those for the moment politically in expedient positions; they and their supporters are the smart people who should be taken seriously.

    It is Gingrich & Romney who want to “clean the skies” of a non-existent threat.

    And both of these men also supported individual health mandates, but today they don’t. These are the serious people.

    Ron Paul consistently opposed these and other crank political interventionisms that both Gingrich & Romney have supported over the decades; but Ron Paul supporters are the fools.
    Ron Paul opposed these and the other big gov interventions that Gingrich & Romney have supported, consistently, over decades,

  16. GARGAMAN says:

    You saw that dog trying to leave too? And what about the son with the comment about the normal family? HAHAHA

  17. Mike says:

    Ran upon this site and discovered Ron Paul. He is the real deal. Thanks!

  18. Jump says:

    I wasn’t a believer either until 2003. The skies here in Southern California are being sprayed almost daily. You will believe too, all you have to do is go outside and look up and observe for a few days. A hoax? I don’t think so my friends. This is going on worldwide. Don’t stick your head in the sand. Get all the info you can then decide if it is a hoax. You will be surprised and pissed off that the government is really doing this. Then you will be pissed off because there is nothing you can do about it. That is where I am at now. I feel totally helpless that my family and friends are being sprayed. I can only hope that Ron Paul is elected so he can put a stop to it. Wake up my friends this is really happening. Peace & Blue Skies

  19. I get it says:

    I have read about them and would not be surprised. In Las Vegas you almost always see a traile where a jet flies over. Once in awhile I have seen the whole sky look like a tic tac toe screen. complete square trailes as far as you can see and spaced evenly. That is not a normal flight pattern of air planes flying to different states. I have seen that about 4 times inthe last three years. I only noticed it a few years ago for the first time. Any one else seen their sky lit up like that ? That made me think there must be something to it.

  20. I get it says:

    Oh and for your information on my comment, I am NOT a Paul supporter.

  21. JoeSmith says:

    February 23, 2012..40 miles east of Dallas from Hwy 80 – I took pictures of the criss-crossed sky that was filled with the spray…as well as videoed a jet in the process of spraying.

  22. McCloud says:

    Contrail dispersion depends on the ambient conditions at flight level, mainly saturation vapor pressure and temperature. Relatively dry and warm conditions evaporate the trail quickly, more moist and colder environments allow them to linger and even morph into large bands of cirrus cloud.

    In order for the contrails you see to be ‘chemtrails’ all the major US and foreign airlines would have to be in on the conspiracy, including ground crews. That circle of knowledge is far too large to control. Spray all the vinegar you like, but there’s nothing to fear.

  23. Alan says:

    ” If your born in this world your giving a ticket to the freekshow. If your born in america you get a front row seat”- George Carlin

  24. Eyes Rolling says:

    REALLY ? You all are still sitting there arguing about politics ?? It’s two wings of the same ugly bird wake up and get a clue don’t be sheep all your lives 😉

  25. I have seen a lot of nutty things in my 51 years of life, but this one takes the cake! I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why she would believe that spraying vinegar in her backyard 30 or 40 miles from where the contrails are would be able to dissipate them! Oh well, there’s a nut for every occasion and at least she doesn’t appear to be dangerous, accept to the grass in her yard!

  26. Jeremiah says:

    So you use the fanatical belief of a few of a candidates supporters to discredit the candidate and write about him in a negative way? Wow, aren’t you so cool.

  27. Chemwise says:

    Yeah you all keep laughing but when you too start finding high amounts of Aluminum, Barium and Strontium in your blood let’s see if you live long enough to have the last laugh!

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