Bahraini Video Teaches French Muslims How to Cheat the Burqa Ban

Using “wacky” sound effects and French accordion background music to simulate Paris in an obviously Bahraini landscape, a 2-minute video “PSA” from a Bahrain-based production company instructs French Muslim women in a novel way to legally evade the French government’s ban on face-covering Islamic headware. Although the video was created last year, it has recently gone viral on Muslim message-boards and Facebook pages.

Airborne Productions, the brainchild of Bahraini filmmaker Shahzad Ali, produces multi-lingual short films on a variety of pro-Sharia topics, including why young Muslims should not listen to Western music, why Western-style “freedoms” are bad for Muslims, and why women are temptresses sent by the devil to beleaguer men…well, okay, I might just be amenable to that one (it’s a damn good thing my girlfriend never reads my blog, or I’d have to pay dearly for that last remark).

What makes the Airborne videos unique is that Shahzad tries to create “funny” content by using sound-effects and slapstick humor (apparently, the Three Stooges are not haraam. Well, they are because they’re Jews, but not because they boink each other on the head…that is apparently halal).

To be sure, Islamists still have a lot to learn about comedy. But the message in this film is definitely getting around. Dozens of French Muslim women, in various forums all over the Internet, have posted that they’ve tried this “trick” with success. And, on a serious note, it should be remembered that the face-covering ban was apparently on terrorist mass-murderer Mohamed Merah’s list of “grievances.”

Islamists don’t like losing a political fight. Nor do they like seeing Western nations defending their culture. Whether it’s terrorism and violence, or attempts to find legal ways around the law (as in the case of this video), the Islamists have only just begun to fight. The French need to be far more vigilant – things are only going to get worse from here.

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