Bill Clinton Supports Walker Recall by Praising GOP Mayor Who’s Also Battling Unions (WTF?)

Memo from the campaign staff of beleaguered Wisconsin Democrat Tom Barrett: “Bill, please stop helping.” This past weekend, former President Bill Clinton was in Milwaukee to help Barrett in the closely-watched recall election against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Repeatedly, Clinton bashed Walker for trying to “break” public employee unions. And then he decided to give an example of a leader who is going about things the right way – a man who isn’t interested in “constant conflict,” but “creative cooperation”…an elected official whose wise actions have created an environment in which his economy is “booming,” a fellow whose city has “come back” from recession.

And who did Clinton cite as this shining example of the way things ought to be? San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, a Republican who is battling public employee unions just like Walker is.

Okay, you probably think you read that wrong. You didn’t. Here’s the video (Clinton also admits that he’s flipped flopped evolved on the merit of recalls):



And here’s a link with more info about Sanders and the unions.

Mayor Sanders is being accused of “violating” collective bargaining laws in his attempt to keep the economy of San Diego booming (which it absolutely was not before Mr. Sanders was elected). All of the usual anti-Walker suspects – the SEIU, the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, and (of course) the American Federation of Teachers, have lined up to accuse Sanders of “union breaking.”

Just what Clinton accused Walker of, before pointing out how Mayor Sanders’ policies have led to “boom” times.

Clinton (paraphrased): “People of Wisconsin, Jerry Sanders should be your role model. So defeat Scott Walker because he is doing just what Sanders did to save San Diego.”

These are Democrats, folks. Don’t expect it to make sense.

(Here is the full video of Clinton’s Milwaukee speech)


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