Hollywood Lib Group Uses S&M Stripper to Blast GOP for “Misogyny”

Dementia frequently precedes death. And in the days before the November 6th election, the left has gone from typical lunacy to full-blown dementia.

Take the organization “A is For…”, a feminist “reproductive rights” organization run by musician/writer Maureen Herman, actress Martha Plimpton, and the always-grating Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show. “A is For…” released a video on November 3rd, titled “Ass Tassles,” in which stripper/burlesque dancer Penny Starr, Jr. advocates striking Republicans across the face “like the dogs they are,” because they are “stripping away our (reproductive) rights through the use of language.”



And when she’s not taking her clothes off for money, what else does Ms. Starr do? Why, sexual bondage photos…you know, the type that “feminists” usually claim are harmful to women by encouraging violent fantasies in men and provoking sexual violence.



So wrap your brain around that for a moment. A woman who creates imagery that feminists claim is harmful to women is now a figurehead in the feminist fight against GOP rhetoric that is supposedly harmful to women.

Full dementia has set in. And we all know what follows.


Author’s note: It is not the belief of your humble author that either sexual imagery or GOP rhetoric is harmful to women. I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy of self-described “feminists.” Your humble author also wishes to make it clear that he has nothing against strippers and burlesque dancers, having dated one, the legendary Amanda Jordan (aka “Lady Denali”), for a time.

Pictured below: A young lady with an odd affection for Jewish men with money. Not pictured: The Jewish man’s now-empty wallet.



One Response to “Hollywood Lib Group Uses S&M Stripper to Blast GOP for “Misogyny””
  1. The_Kat™ says:

    Being a woman and a feminist, I’m appalled at the Democrats fabricated “War on Women.” I’ve been keeping pretty close tabs on Romney’s stance on important issues. FYI, my reproductive rights/costs have taken a backseat to things like the health of the economy, unemployment, cost of gasoline and heating bills, terrorist attacks, a horrendous mounting federal deficit and what that means for future generations…you know, silly stuff like that us women shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads about but it still do. So while I’m keeping an eye on Romney, I never once heard or read that he wants to do away with all women’s birth control and abortions. But apparently I missed the coded message somewhere. Maybe I need to listen for a dog whistle like PMSNBC’s Cwith Matthews blows when he hears an imaginary racist remark.

    I have to wonder why tramps like this are all “Eeeww Republicans, stay out of my vagina, you pigs!” but then they are all “OMG! Obama wants to know all about my last GYN exam and discuss it with the rest of the government, isn’t that dreamy?”

    These sluts do think with their lady parts instead of their lady smarts. I just wish they were so stupid that they wouldn’t be able to find their polling place on election day. These brainless twits set back feminism a 100 years with tripe like this. Thanks a lot, bimbos, thanks a lot!

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