New Letter Shows Prominent “Anti-Zionist” Collaborated with Holocaust Deniers

“Anti-Zionists” love to claim that they’re not anti-Semites: “Just because we’d like to see the destruction of Israel doesn’t mean we have anything against Jews!” That line is gospel to the far-left, and to ever-increasing swaths of the “mainstream” left.

The enemies of Israel love to trumpet the works of Israel-hating Jews. And no Jew has had a greater place of prominence as the standard-bearer for anti-Israel Jews than Dr. Alfred Lilienthal. The rabidly anti-Israel American Council for Judaism, upon Lilienthal’s death at age 94 in 2008, called him “the foremost Jewish anti-Zionist.” He was a bestselling author, lecturer, and mainstay at anti-Israel conferences in the Muslim world. A good sampling of his work can be found here.




His supporters loved trotting out the argument that Lilienthal was not anti-Semitic, just anti-Israel. But a newly discovered letter from 1986 proves that he was happily collaborating with Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis.

In 1986, a neo-Nazi Holocaust denier in Southern California, David McCalden, who co-founded the notorious denial publishing house the “Institute of Historical Review,” came up with what he thought would be a nifty idea. To mock the reverence that Holocaust survivors, the people of Israel, and Jews worldwide have for Righteous Gentiles (non-Jews who risked or gave their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust), McCalden would create a monument to “righteous Hebrews,” those Jews who seek the destruction of Israel.

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McCalden found a like-minded lunatic on Martha’s Vineyard who owned a parcel of land, which he agreed to donate for the “monument.” The story made local news, with word getting around that McCalden planned to honor two of the anti-Israel left’s icons, Noam Chomsky and Alfred Lilienthal. This, in turn, prompted “mainstream” anti-Israel publications, like the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA), to go on the defensive, claiming that McCalden’s chosen “honorees” wanted nothing to do with such a “neo-fascist” idea (read the actual WRMEA story from 1986 here).

Well, it turns out that Lilienthal’s apologists were either wrong or lying. Lilienthal LOVED the idea. He was all for it. He even helped McCalden select more names of anti-Israel Jews to honor.

Here’s a letter recently found in Lilienthal’s papers, never previously released. You can see why.



The “monument” never actually happened. McCalden died in 1990 of AIDS. The loon in Martha’s Vineyard died of old age. And Lilienthal eventually died of old age as well. Which brings up an important point; that 1986 letter can’t be written-off as the product of senility. Lilienthal was in his mid-sixties at the time, still fully on top of his game.

He may be gone, but in his memory, I thought the world should see how enthusiastic he was about McCalden’s anti-Semitic project, just as I did by exposing Noam Chomsky’s letters to a Holocaust denier (my expose’ ran on FrontPageMag last year).

To Lilienthal and Chomsky I say, own it, boys. Your words, your lies, your hate. Own it.


2 Responses to “New Letter Shows Prominent “Anti-Zionist” Collaborated with Holocaust Deniers”
  1. Michael says:

    Well Mr. Cole. I think you have a lot of explaining to do, because some of us “Holocaust Deniers” are utterly confused about your views regarding the ‘Holocaust’ today.

  2. Dodoria says:

    David, I find this blog post very disappointing. I’ve always respected you to a degree. Watching the old videos of your guest appearances, I did not assume you were self-hating or antisemitic. Your prose struck me as reason, that you had no loyalties, but were simply a skeptic (and as you proclaimed, atheist) standing against the tide for better or worse. And perhaps, being in your early twenties at the time, simply a bit contrarian. But I can respect even the contrarian. Sometimes the collective beliefs of society need to be challenged, can they stand to scrutiny?

    However, I wonder if your detractors (who were undoubtedly happy to out a Republican as a holocaust denier), using the very rhetoric you’ve used in this blog post, accurately assessed your character. This post of yours here makes you come off as a sleaze. There’s being a skeptic, contratian and having a laugh, and then having no beliefs where you can change them at any instance for whatever benefit to yourself. That, I simply don’t find respectable.

    More confusing is reading this post after your more recent post of refusing to apologize. It simply makes no sense. You don’t apologize or recant the views you introduced in the 1990s, but then here you are damning holocaust “deniers”? Which, I wonder, is that not the same type of strawman argument that would frustrate you in debate with say, Donahue? It’s also kind of funny to see you refer to the IHR as antisemitic, when you were side by side with Weber.

    Nonetheless, ti reiterate what I’ve already said, I’m disappointed. You have quite an intellect, and it’s a damn shame that it’ll be difficult to ever take any word you write or say seriously.

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