Top Ten Reasons to Stop Using the Holocaust in Anti Gun Control Memes



The Top Ten Reasons to Stop Using the Holocaust in Anti Gun Control Memes:

1)  It’s not relevant. The Jews of Germany represented less than 1% of the pre-war German population (less than 500,000 people in a nation of 67 million). Even if every single Jew had a rifle, the Nazis had A F*CKING ARMY, with tanks, planes, bombs, and the most modern weaponry at the time. The German Army could have dealt with ANY group of 500,000 civilians. At the same time that Jews were facing persecution, the Nazis were rounding up real or suspected communist partisans, many of whom were indeed armed. It made no difference – the Nazis were a superior force.

2)  Armed resistance would not only not have worked in the case of the German Jews, it actually would have been hugely counterproductive. From 1932 until 1941, the Nazis rather vigorously encouraged the Jews to leave. Hence, the Jews were somewhat at the mercy of the kindness of other people – other nations to accept them in, and decent Germans to help them get their property out (the Nazis wanted the Jews to leave…but not with anything but the clothes on their back). Armed violence on the part of the tiny Jewish minority would have worked against those efforts. Indeed, when an armed Jew, angry at the expulsion of his parents, shot a German diplomat in 1938, the Nazis used that incident not only as the trigger for the Kristallnacht pogrom, but also as an excuse to pass new laws that made the previous anti-Jewish laws look tame by comparison. That shooting was actually a godsend for the Nazis.

Without question, the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was a glorious moment of armed Jewish rebellion, but it was, from the start, doomed to eventual failure, even though the Jews had the “home court” advantage and, by knowing the layout of the ghetto, could engage in very effective guerilla-style combat. The uprising did buy time for some ghetto Jews to escape, but that wouldn’t have been an issue pre-war, as Jews were being encouraged to leave Nazi territory. Indeed, the aforementioned Jewish gunman who killed the diplomat was enraged that his parents had been deported from Germany back to Poland.

3)  Hitler had a “meme” of his own – he was constantly trying to convince the German people that the Jews represented a security threat to the German nation, either by being communist sympathizers, or by having ties to greedy Western capitalists. Jews opening fire in the streets of Vienna or Berlin would have sold that “security threat” meme faster than Hitler could have expected.

4)  Generally speaking, the Holocaust has no relationship to domestic German gun laws during the Nazi period. German and Austrian Jews were a minority of Holocaust victims. The majority of Jews who were killed during the Holocaust lived in Eastern European countries. German gun laws had never applied to them.

5)  Some of the memes I’m seeing on FB actually show the POLAR OPPOSITE of what well-meaning gun rights advocates intend to say by posting them. Just because there is a photo of German soldiers or SS units about to shoot people in a ditch doesn’t automatically make it a Holocaust photo. Some of those photos show well-armed non-Jewish partisans who, after being defeated by the Germans, were about to be summarily executed in the field. In other words, some of those photos show an armed group having been defeated by another armed group. So when you add a screaming caption like “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE GUN CONTROL!!!”, it’s not relevant to the photo.

6)  These memes promote utopian thinking. Having guns is never a guarantee that your government will not act against your interests. This notion of “if only the Jews had guns, the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened” is ludicrous. Gun rights are important, but they’re not a panacea. Well-armed forces are overtaken by other well-armed forces all the time. Hell, when Eisenhower sent the National Guard to Little Rock, I think it’s a safe bet that every “segregation now, segregation forever” good-old-boy had a gun at home. The “old South” was pretty well-armed, but it still got its ass kicked by the feds over the enforcement of desegregation laws.

7)  Invoking the Holocaust or the Nazis is always a last gasp of desperation from someone who’s losing an argument. And that’s exactly what we look like when we spread these memes. “Oh, is that all you got? Hitler analogies? Congratulations – you just lost the debate.” There are vast amounts of facts, figures, and anecdotal evidence that fully support the case for gun rights. We don’t have to go Nazi. You know who has to go Nazi? Lyndon LaRouche. Is that a look we want to go for too?

8)  It’s just disrespectful to use images of Holocaust victims to score contemporary political points. The Jews didn’t suffer and die in death camps so that you could get a hundred “likes” on a Facebook post.

9)  Face it – most Americans don’t see Obama as Hitler. They don’t see Congress as a bunch of Hitlers. Oh, and for the record, Obama ISN’T Hitler, and Congress ISN’T the Hitler-producing clone factory from “The Boys From Brazil.” If we want to win the very important fight to protect the 2nd Amendment, we need to do so in a way that the public can relate to. We need to show how gun rights can and do affect them in their daily lives. We need to stick to real-world scenarios. Going Hitler and Holocaust doesn’t work because it detaches the public from the current, real-life ramifications of the debate.

10)  The only thing worse than a Hitler meme is an inaccurate one. A lot of the quotes you guys are using are false. “This year will go down in history! For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”  PHONY QUOTE. “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”  PHONY QUOTE. Hitler did indeed speak privately on several occasions regarding the need to keep weapons out of the hands of Slavs after they’ve been “conquered,” not before (in other words, not first disarm then conquer, but conquer militarily then disarm…and frankly, this is just standard playbook stuff for any nation planning to invade another).

6 Responses to “Top Ten Reasons to Stop Using the Holocaust in Anti Gun Control Memes”
  1. Doubltap says:

    Thank you! FINALLY somebody said this!

  2. Eric says:

    This was a great post! I’d like to share this page with a mailing list, but I have one qualm: I’m worried that your use of the F-word for emphasis in the third sentence will distract to the point that some folks will just stop reading. Is there any chance you’d be willing to publish a sanitized version , with just that one word deleted or changed?

  3. Dumbass McGee says:

    note the first argument “not relevant” is an irrelevant and a fallacy: citing a tiny 1% as irrelevant, marked for death, herded naked by gun toting soldiers is farcical. A percentile statistic of large numbers is a common revisionist ploy, at best a misrepresentation when applied to from a large group down to individuals

    Imagine if you or loved one are 1 of the 1 percent, as you are lined up to die then it’s relevant in deed.

    • larry says:

      It isn’t morally irrelevant you tool, it is logically irrelevant. Possession of guns would have meant nothing.

  4. Dumbass McGee says:

    the author’s argument depends on the futility overwhelmingming power of govrrnment criminals. This a circular argument because that futility was created by forfeiting of gun possession by earlier gun control laws.

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