Emmy-Winning Democrat Creates Anti-Christian “War on Christmas” Store

If you’ve ever wondered where those anti-Republican and anti-Christian jokes come from – the ones you see at the Academy Awards, on late-night talk shows, and pretty much everywhere else in Hollywood, look no further than David Feldman, a multiple Emmy Award-winning comedy writer (one of his Emmys was for his joke writing for the Academy Awards…yes, in self-congratulatory Hollywood you can actually win on one award show for your work on another award show).

Along with the Oscars and the People’s Choice Awards,  Feldman writes for Bill Maher, Comedy Central, Jon Stewart, and Saturday Night Live.

He is also the Democrat Party’s go-to joke writer, a job he does (according to his website) “pro bono for candidates he supports.”

Indeed, Feldman contributed jokes and performed live at a fundraiser for far-left Congressman Alan Grayson in 2012. The “show” was widely criticized by conservative media for its repeated use of jokes about rape, babies’ sexual organs, and children performing oral sex. Feldman himself took to the stage to denounce conservatives as racist and sexist, before attacking Allen West, Condi Rice, Sarah Palin, and Ann Coulter as “idiots” and “retards.”

Not content with being a foul-mouthed Democrat hack, this month Feldman opened up an online store called “Shop War on Christmas,” selling items specifically chosen to insult Christians and conservatives. His mission statement on the site contains no ambiguity: “We are taking the Christ out of Christmas, one sale at a time.”




Items for sale include Sarah Palin toilet paper (as of 12/15, out of stock on the site; this must be the item that Feldman’s followers are most fond of), Mitt Romney toilet paper, a Satanist wine goblet, and various fecal-fetish and sexually-themed gag items that I won’t waste space listing here.

Don’t get me wrong – Feldman has a right to mock Christmas. It’s one of the benefits of living in the country he seems to despise. The larger point is that this man works hand-in-hand with the Democrat Party. Imagine the outcry if a comedian associated with the GOP created an online store dedicated to making fun of Ramadan. People like Feldman himself would probably be the first ones piling on with cries of “intolerance” and “Islamophobia.” And the GOP would probably be forced by the media to distance itself from the site, and the person behind it.

This double standard is not news to any of my regular readers. But the next time you see a Democrat politico using the “talents” of David Feldman, remind yourself that he’s the “taking Christ out of Christmas” guy. And the Dems are apparently fine with it.


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  1. Joe says:

    I believe you have failed to see the irony in his mission statement. The woosh sound is almost audible as the idea zooms over your head.

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