Paradise Lost: David Stein Responds to HuffPost Writer’s Attack

Last week, to my surprise, I found myself the subject of a smug, condescendingly snarky op-ed in the online version of the L.A. Jewish Journal (the largest Jewish weekly outside of New York), written by a gentleman named Mitch Paradise. You’re probably asking, “who the hell is Mitch Paradise?” At least, that’s what I asked. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Van Der Sloot’s “Guardian Angel” is Leftist Author, Activist

UPDATE: In an exclusive telephone interview with David Stein, van der Sloot’s “guardian angel,” Dr. Mary Hamer, confirmed that in the tidal wave of media coverage following the revelation that she is van der Sloot’s benefactor, Stein was the only journalist to cover her history of left-wing political activism. She told Stein that, starting in […]

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Racial Lie, with a Conservative Assist

Hollywood liberals are always going to fib. There’s really nothing conservatives can do to stop it. But what is within our power is the ability to create an environment in which liberal lies become harder and harder to get away with. The “global warming” issue is a perfect example. Conservatives have done a pretty good […]