“Conservatives Hate Biracials” MSNBC Loon Changes Her Online Name to Hide!

The Trayvon-Zimmerman Circus: “Racists” Have Rights, Too

It’s fairly clear that the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman circus is not going away any time soon. “Civil rights” leaders and leftist politicians will no doubt milk Zimmerman’s acquittal for all it’s worth, and riots (which always translate into mainstream media-speak as “mainly peaceful protests”) and reprisal beatings will probably continue in fits and starts, especially […]

Olympic “Legend” Campaigns for Teachers Union-Backed Racist Candidate

As my regular readers (both of ’em) know, I’ve been following this story since breaking it on February 4th. The United Teachers L.A. (UTLA), an NEA/AFT-affiliated union covering the nation’s second-largest school district, has officially endorsed a candidate for L.A. City Council, Ron Gochez, who is an activist and spokesman for an unashamedly racist organization […]

How Racist Democrats’ Defiance of the Supreme Court Accidentally Helped End Lynching

Well, I’m back after a month-long blogging vacation – a forced vacation, courtesy of the scoundrels who hacked this site last month. Almost certainly the result of (un)friendly fire, I’ll have more to write about that later. In the meantime, I wanted to write a bit about my favorite subject – history – and a […]

FLASHBACK: Breitbart, the Media, and “Punking” the NAACP (video)

Cowardly Knight: L.A. Times Art Critic Christopher Knight’s Gutless Response to David Stein

I’ll begin this article by copping to a bias: my hatred of the L.A. Times borders on pathological. As a native-born Angeleno, I am both infuriated and ashamed that my great city can do no better for its “paper of record” than that childishly biased and legendarily inaccurate rag. True story: when I used to […]

The OTHER “Niggerhead Rock:” Named by Democrats, Erased by Republicans

Morgan Freeman Doesn’t Want to Get Rid of Racism (Video)

FLASHBACK: Breitbart, the Media, and “Punking” the NAACP (video)

Organizer of the “One Nation” Rally Has History of Making Controversial Statements