What to Do in the Wake of Sandy Hook? Nothing.

* Tragedy. We look for meaning, we search for answers. We try to make sense of grief. When Sandy Hook’s tragic events unfolded we were shocked. The normal was so shattered that no amount of reflection could answer the overwhelming questions created by our dull grief and hollow sorrow. We felt ineffable things that thwarted […]

Four Types of Fraudulent Gun Rights Memes, and How to Prevent Them

* Type #1: The horribly misused Holocaust or WWII photo. * * How to know it’s phony: GET OFF FACEBOOK AND READ A FUCKING BOOK. And if books aren’t your thing, go to YadVashem.org or USHMM.org. * Type #2: The phony celebrity quote. * * How to know it’s phony? By virtue of their egos, […]

Months Before Shooting, “Civil Liberties” Groups Defeated Conn. Law Aimed at the Violent Mentally Ill

First of all, I want to say that neither you nor I know all the facts about yesterday’s unthinkably horrific events in Newtown, CT. Intelligent people understand that no news reports can be considered reliable in the first 24 hours following a cataclysmic tragedy. Indeed, it will be weeks, perhaps months, before the facts of […]