CAIR’s “Interfaith” Con Game Exposed (video)

“Okey-Doke” (American slang) – A con; to pretend to go along with something until you are in a position where you can get your way. I have written before that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the undisputed king of the ol’ okey-doke. When it comes to wearing one expression on its public face, […]

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Maxine Waters’ Goons Rough Up Progressive Filmmaker for Recording Her on a Public Street (video)

Poor Edward Lyman. The self-described “socially responsible” filmmaker, who has directed documentaries about the fight against malaria in Africa, and the environmental activism of uber-liberal actor Ed Begley Jr., was only trying to do some good in Watts this past Saturday afternoon. Lyman was at the Imperial Courts public housing project working on behalf of […]

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